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A Complete Breakdown Of Every Accusation In Larray’s Diss Track, ‘Canceled’

A Complete Breakdown Of Every Accusation In Larray’s Diss Track, ‘Canceled’

The rise of TikTok has brought the revival of diss tracks, but none have created quite as much noise as Larray Merrit’s ‘Canceled.’

Diss tracks have a long history in the creator space. Originally used as a means to gain audience support in a spat between influencers, the formula for diss tracks has evolved over the years, with many building entire platforms off dragging their peers. Second-wave YouTubers like the Paul brothers and RiceGum were integral in this evolution, turning these viral “songs” into public clout competitions between creators for no reason at all. Suddenly, stars no longer needed legitimate beef with someone to release a diss track on them, setting the precedence that no one— in or out of someone’s inner circle— is safe.

And The Hype House’s Larray has clearly taken notes.

Over the weekend, the TikToker released his first diss track called ‘Canceled‘ on several friends and fellow influencers. While most of his jabs were in jest, others addressed heavy accusations that have been floating around the viral space for months, leaving fans to speculate on what’s true and what’s just for fun.

One-by-one, here’s a comprehensive explanation of every accusation Larray makes in ‘Canceled.’

Bryce Hall

Of all the things he could say about Sway House’s Bryce Hall, Larray keeps it light, rapping, “Let’s start out with Bryce Hall, yeah he got some smelly balls which I only know his name ’cause Addison gave him fame.”

Bryce was involved in an on-again-off-again relationship with fellow TikTok star Addison Rae.

The pair were first linked back in December 2019 after some public PDA and reportedly spending Christmas together, however by late-January Bryce confirmed via Twitter that the stars were not dating. Fast forward to May when signs started popping up all over the TikTok-sphere that the two had reunited. While they never made an official announcement, the couple did eventually confirm their relationship.

The couple seemed to be going strong until Chase Hudson’s infamous Twitter note accusing the Sway boys of cheating on their girlfriends. Though Chase didn’t personally accuse Bryce of cheating, the note sparked a ton of rumours about the TikTok stars as well as many attempts to “expose” Bryce as a cheater. A few weeks later, Addison archived all photos with Bryce on Instagram. In early August, Addison tweeted a photo with Bryce sitting in a car with the caption, “handling things privately and off social media just like you guys said.” The two have since confirmed they are split.

James Charles

“Now moving on to sister, I think I’m ’bout to diss her,” Larray raps as he starts on James Charles. Larray addresses rumours that the YouTube star has had plastic surgery — namely, a Brazilian butt lift.

Back in 2019, James posted a nude mirror selfie showing off his assets, sparking plastic surgery rumours that he had possibly undergone butt injections. James further fueled this speculation in May this year when he tweeted out a naked selfie while sunbathing with the caption, “It’s a beautiful day today.” The snap went viral and James quickly became a trending Twitter topic worldwide.

Though James has not confirmed or denied the rumours, he’s been quite open about his frequent use of FaceTune to alter his appearance in photos, which could possibly be the case here.

Jeffree Star

Larray gives Jeffree Star one line in his diss track, albeit a powerful one. “Jeffree Star says n*****,” he raps before quickly moving on.

Jeffree has a well-documented history of racism online. Earlier this year, many were calling for his cancellation (before he actually got cancelled by Tati Westbrook) after video clips from the mid-2000s began circulating of Jeffree using the n-word. Old photos also resurfaced of Jeffree causing self-harm (which he posted himself), posing with the confederate flag, as well as screenshots from one of his old social media profiles called Lipstick Nazi.

In a note posted to Twitter in June, Jeffree addressed his past and said he agrees that the Jeffree Star from 10-15 years ago should be cancelled.

Noah Beck, Dixie D’Amelio, Griffin Johnson

Larray compliments Noah Beck on pulling Dixie D’Amelio singing, “Now I know why Dixie chose him he hit different ’cause he got a bigger peter ain’t that right, Griffy?”

After months of speculation, Noah finally confirmed he’s in a relationship with Dixie in early October.

Whispers of their romance began circulating off the back of Dixie’s messy split from Griffin Johnson, or as Larray called him, “Griffy.” The eldest D’Amelio sister copped mega backlash for reportedly moving on to Noah, who also happens to be part of Sway House.

In Griffin’s latest song, ‘Convenient,’ the 21-year-old clapped back at rumours that he cheated on Dixie. However, Dixie quickly responded in a TikTok video set to her ex’s song, sharing screenshots of DMs, messages, and texts Griffin allegedly sent to other girls over the course of their relationship. She also included a text apology she allegedly received from Griffin admitting to his cheating.

Regardless of the drama, Dixie and Noah have remained stable and unbothered.

Nikita Dragun

On friend Nikita Dragun, Larray addresses backlash the beauty guru recently received for blackfishing.

No stranger to controversy, the Nikita has been criticised over the years for appropriating Black culture with her ever-changing skin tone, speaking with a faux-Blaccent, and frequently sporting Black hairstyles.

On October 4th, Nikita seemed to make light of this criticism when she tweeted out, “What race is Nikita gonna be today?”

The since-deleted tweet immediately garnered backlash, with thousands and fans and fellow influencers calling Nikita out for being insensitive and perpetuating racism, including beauty guru Nyma Tang. The influencer then went on to explain that her tweet was about being mixed-race— both Hispanic and Asian— and not a commentary on accusations of Blackfishing.

“I know it’s a joke to comment on my race but I’m really tired of having to defend myself on every post,” she tweeted. “‘She’s Hispanic today’ I’m Hispanic every day. My mom is Mexican. My dad is Asian. I’m mixed. The end. Bye.”

Nikita went on to say that “growing up mixed, I was never fully accepted. I don’t have to pick a side. I am not incomplete of my races. I do not lack anything. I am proud of ALL of me.”

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson got a cat,” Larray starts on the disgraced YouTuber. “Now hold on, someone call PETA.”

This line refers to a story Shane told on his former podcast, Shane and Friends, about a sexual experience he reportedly had with his cat. “One time, I laid my cat down on her back and then moved her little chicken legs spread open,” he told his co-hosts. “I came all over the cat.”

The 2015 episode resurfaced amidst Shane’s mass cancellation earlier this year for his history of racist jokes, blackface, sexualising animals and minors, and saying the n-word.

At the time, Shane was also highly criticised for his close relationships with Jeffree Star, Trisha Paytas, and Tana Mongeau, and was exposed as a key player in the attempt to ruin James Charles’ career during the BYE SISTER saga. He was swiftly cancelled and retreated from the internet.

Tana Mongeau

Larray pokes fun at Tana Mongeau’s constant problematic behaviour saying she “gets cancelled every 5-7 business days” and “finds a way to fuck up every different way.”

Larray’s not wrong. Tana’s had a big year of cancellations— first, her lengthy history of racist behaviour was exposed when she was called out by Black creators amidst the Black Lives Matter movement for racist microaggressions, gaslighting, and manipulation over the years.

Then, after failing to address these accusations despite pleas from fans and creators alike, Tana proceeded to spend the majority of the Coronavirus lockdown out partying in L.A. in large groups, often without a mask.

Most recently, Tana found herself at the center of controversy once again for potential illegal activity surrounding the United States Presidential election, with her #BootyForBiden campaign. In an effort to persuade her young fans to help vote Trump out of office this November, Tana asked fans to send proof — like a selfie with their ballot— to show they voted for Biden. In exchange, Tana promises to send them a free nude photo on her OnlyFans page, Tana Uncensored.

The entire ordeal potentially falls under vote-buying and bribery— a very illegal offence in the United States.

Tony Lopez

Larray takes a dig at ex-Hype House member Tony Lopez and the heavy allegations that Tony has solicited racy photos and attempted to groom multiple underage girls. “Tony Lopez caught a case,” he raps.

The first accusation was made in mid-July by a young woman who posted a series of photos online reportedly sent to her by Tony’s private Snapchat. One photo contains the caption “Show me your boobs.” Another shows Tony allegedly revealing himself in a mirror selfie with the caption, “Why did I shave? I’m a virgin.”

She also shared Snapchat messages allegedly from the star which read, “Wyd sexy send me some” and “Get the merch so I can fuck you both in it.” After tons of backlash from Tony stans and attempts to discredit her claims, the young woman then posted a screen recording which seemingly proves the photos and messages came from Tony Lopez’s account.

Since the first victim came forward, several other young women have shared their stories of being approached by Tony as minors.

Now, three more alleged victims have come forward accusing Tony of grooming them while they were minors and he was over 18. The allegations against Tony include allegedly soliciting nude or racy photos from girls as young as 14, sending nudes or racy photos to minors himself, and attempting to convince these young girls to meet up with him. At least two victims allege that Tony knew their age at the time.

Tony has since addressed the situation. In a Twitter note posted on August 22nd, Tony does not deny the allegations, writing that he is “not proud” of his past choices and actions and is “truly disappointed” in himself.

Nessa Barrett, Charli D’Amelio

Larray quickly touches on both Nessa Barrett and Charli D’Amelio’s light-hearted scandals, like Nessa accidentally farting on live stream and a video that made its way around the internet of Charli vaping.

After the clip of Nessa farting was blown way out of proportion, the TikTok star backtracked, saying the fart was Bryce Hall’s and she was just playing along.

Charli has refused to address the video of her vaping, which appeared to be taken at a small party or gathering and was likely leaked by a close friend.

Tati Westbrook

“Tati 40 and complaining about some vitamins. Grow up,” Larray goes on. “You don’t like James so why the hell did you invite him in?”

ICYMI (somehow), Tati Westbrook uploaded her infamous BYE SISTER… video against ex-mentee James Charles in May 2019. The video kicked off one of the most dramatic “cancellations” in YouTube history, creating a domino effect that’s lasted over a full year— first James, then Tati, then Jeffree Star, and most recently, Shane Dawson.

Fast forward to 2020, and Tati finally broke her silence on what led her to upload the video in the first place. In her video BREAKING MY SILENCE, Tati implicated Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, accusing them of gas-lighting and manipulating her, and driving a wedge between herself and James.

Though she claims her reasoning ran deeper than vitamins, Tati’s issues with James came to a head after James promoted Sugar Bear Hair— a direct competitor to Tati’s brand Halo Beauty.

Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Chase Hudson

Larray also calls out the first TikTok diss track — ‘Still Softish’ by Bryce Hall and Josh Richards on Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson. The track, which landed in mid-March, attacked Chase’s character, accusing the 18-year-old of being unfaithful to then-girlfriend Charli D’Amelio and a shady friend to fellow TikTok stars.

The catalyst was apparently because Chase slid into Nessa Barrett’s DMs trying to get with her. At the time, Josh and Nessa were together. They also implied Chase was only with Charli for clout, singing, “You still be f*cking with girls and telling people Charli’s your world.

At the time, many fans seemed to be on Josh’s side, claiming Chase allegedly uses his fame to manipulate girls into getting with him on the regular.

Dolan Twins

“E and Gray unfollowed me so think I’m blocked,” Larray sings about Ethan and Grayson Dolan. “And after Sister Squad their channel went and flopped.”

Back in 2018, Emma Chamberlain, James Charles, and the Dolan twins created a YouTube collab group called the “Sister Squad.” The collective frequently filmed together, raking in millions of views each video. By early 2019, there were hints that the group was unraveling— this was solidified when Emma unfollowed James during a social media cull. The group completely parted ways after the ‘BYE SISTER’ saga with heavy allegations against James. The Dolan twins unfollowed James in the aftermath and James subsequently unfollowed all Sister Squad members.

While the Dolan Twins have never publicly spoken on their falling out with the squad, James and Emma recently reconnected…and it was actually all thanks to Larray!

“We have a mutual friend, which is Larray,” Emma says in her video. “And Larray came over to my house, which is weird because I never hang out with anyone. He was saying that he filmed a collab with James where they prank called people. And I was like, ‘Why didn’t you prank call me?’ and he was like, ‘Emma, you haven’t spoken to James in like a year!'”

Larray then suggested that they call James. “And then we called James and me and James talked and then James came over,” Emma says. “We like hung out and we talked and caught up and I was like wait a minute, I missed you sister!”

David Dobrik

Larray finishes with a David Dobrik mention, rapping, “Imma hit a lick on David Dobrik. Rob his shit, grab his Telsa, then I floor it.”

It’s no secret that David is most well known for his giveaways…namely of Teslas.

While the viral star’s M.O. is usually to giveaway cars to celebrate birthdays or brand partnerships, his most recent efforts made headlines for their political ties. In partnership with HeadCount, David shared his intentions to give five white Tesla Model 3’s away in return for proof of voter registration by Monday, 5th October.

Testament to the power of the next generation of Internet stars, the collaboration was responsible for the single largest number of voting registrations since the organisation’s inception in 2004; nearly 120,000.

The winners of the Teslas have since been selected and were reportedly notified via Facetime by David, himself.

And that’s the tea on Larray’s diss track.

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