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Shane Dawson Responds To Tati Westbrook In Instagram Live

Shane Dawson Responds To Tati Westbrook In Instagram Live

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Tati Westbrook has spoken her truth and Shane Dawson is not having it.

In a recently released video, Tati has set the record straight and provided context surrounding BYE SISTER…, the video that famously led to the mass cancellation of James Charles in Dramagedon 2. In breaking her silence, Tati has thoroughly implicated heavy-hitters Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, accusing them of gas-lighting and manipulating her, and driving a wedge between herself and James.

And now, Shane Dawson has responded.

In a since-deleted Instagram Live, Shane begins by saying “I’m losing my mind, this is so fucked,” before saying “I’m going to wait until as many people get in here…”. Shane continues by calling Tati “insane, manipulative”, accusing her of fake crying, and then abruptly ending the video.

While Shane himself has not responded on Twitter, fiancé Ryland Adams has come to his defence, Tweeting that “Tati Westbrook – a master class in manipulation. The only [way] to save her reputation was to side with the person she tried to ruin. Make no mistake. This 40 year old woman [chose] to post a video on her own accord. She riled up Shane before doing so to have one of the biggest creators backing her in the chance this all backfired. Shane very well WOULD have posted a video exposing James had he felt so inclined. No receipts because she didn’t want to expose the countless times she told Shane that she was big girl doing this ONLY for herself.”

While some Twitter users have responded in Shane’s defence, a majority are calling out the YouTuber for his history of misogyny; accusations which also reference videos surfacing days ago of Shane pretending to masturbate to an image of 11-year-old Willow Smith.

Tati finished her piece by voicing her intention to take legal action, which neither Shane or Ryland have directly responded to.

It seems justice for Tati and James is coming.

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