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Chase Hudson Hooks Up With Nessa Barrett Amidst Reconnecting With Charli D’Amelio

Chase Hudson Hooks Up With Nessa Barrett Amidst Reconnecting With Charli D’Amelio

The TikTok tea is piping.

After a full day of elusive unfollowings and cryptic tweets, Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio have spoken out on the explosive drama going down with our favourite viral crew. Fans began speculating that TikTok’s biggest stars were feuding early this morning when multiple famous creators began unfollowing each other.

Here’s what we know so far.

Who’s unfollowed who…

At the time of publication, many Hype House and Sway House creators have unfollowed each other.

Griffin Johnson, Anthony Reeves, Josh Richards, Jaden Hossler, Blake Gray, Kio Cyr, and Bryce Hall have all unfollowed Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson. Charli D’Amelio has also unfollowed Chase.

Charli and Chase have a rocky history together. The two were first romanticly linked back in December 2019. They confirmed their split in mid-April, but seemed to reconnect over the last month, with many hoping they were back togehter.

In addition to unfollowing Chase, Charli also deleted all photos with him from her Instagram.

But that’s not all. Hype House manager Thomas Petrou has unfollowed Nessa Barrett. Charli has also unfollowed Nessa and so did Chase.

Fans noted this was highly suspicious, as Thomas and Nessa recently announced in a vlog that Nessa might be moving into the Hype House. Nessa has since deleted all TikTok videos at the Hype House. Nessa is the ex-girlfriend of Sway House founding member Josh Richards, who Thomas also unfollowed at the same time.

Multiple creators have unfollowed Nick Austin— including Josh Richards, Jaden Hossler, Anthony Reeves and Bryce Hall.

Ondreaz Lopez has unfollowed Jaden Hossler.

Most recently, Nessa unfollowed Madi Lewis, presumably because Madi is Charli’s BFF.

Let’s take a look at the tweets.

On top of unfollowing each other, many creators have been tweeting ominous messages, sending fans into a tailspin.

It started when Charli posted an IG photo earlier today with the caption, “your loss 😉.” Charli’s mother, Heidi D’Amelio, then posted an Instagram story with a black screen and two angry emojis. It has since been deleted.

Jaden Hossler was the first to address the unfollowings, tweeting, “i simply just did not want to see fake ass people’s faces anymore hence, the unfollowing i’m sure the other people felt a similar way.

Then, Josh and Bryce both tweeted. Josh alluded to being betrayed while Bryce implied a potential hook up had occurred within the group.

These tweets, combined with Charli’s activity on social and the strategic unfollowings, quickly led fans to believe that Chase had potentially hooked up with Josh’s ex Nessa.

This theory is not far fetched. Back in March, Chase was accused of attempting to “get with” Nessa in Bryce and Josh’s song, Still Softish.

Tayler Holder then got involved, tweeting, “Please don’t act like my homie when I see you.” This made fans particularly confused, as Tayler has a close relationship with Chase.

Chase confirms he and Nessa kissed.

Finally, Chase took to Twitter to address the accusation, tweeting, “All of this drama going on is because I kissed Nessa when we were both single.”

Bryce Hall, Tayler Holder, Anthony Reeves, Avani Gregg, Blake Gray, Kio Cyr, Griffin Johnson, and Sebastian Topete have all tweeted in response.

Bryce quoted tweeted Chase, calling him an “idiot.”

Anthony accused Chase of going after girls his friends have dated. He also tweeted, “KiSsEd,” leading fans to believe that Chase and Nessa have done more than just kiss.

Charli speaks out.

Not one to comment on drama, the 16-year-old has posted multiple tweets today about the situation.

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Prior to Chase’s confession, Charli tweeted, “i hope she was worth it 🙂.” The star quickly deleted the tweet and followed it up with a tweet saying she loves her fans.

Following Chase’s admission that he had kissed Nessa, Charli alleged that Chase went to her house right after his hook up.

This seemingly confirms that Charli and Chase were attempting to rekindle their relationship.

Charli’s sister, Dixie D’Amelio, has also tweeted, writing, “HE DID WHAT?!!!?!????

Is Nick Austin involved?

Fans began speculating that Chase’s BFF Nick Austin is somehow involved, as multiple creators have unfollowed Nick.

While the crew has yet to confirm Nick’s involvement, Jaden Hossler alluded to Nick being a untrustworthy, writing, “funny bc he said ‘please jaden trust me’ when I talked to him in person weird again being fake wow shocker.”

Many fans believe this means someone from Sway confronted Nick about Chase and Nessa and Nick lied about the hook up.

The aftermath.

Since Chase confessed to hooking up with Nessa, multiple creators have spoken out in support of Charli, including Tana Mongeau, Nick Bean, Peyton Jordan, and Danielle Cohn. #LilHuddyIsOverParty is trending on Twitter and Nessa has yet to publicly comment on the drama.

Bryce Hall took to Instagram Live shortly after to announce that he and Josh will be releasing more diss tracks. He will also be uploading a YouTube video tomorrow all about the explosive situation.

Following the announcement by the Sway House boys, Chase posted a scathing Tweet, attempting to justify his actions by implicating many of the other creators who have been calling him out for his problematic behaviour.

It seems however, that Charli is not having it, quote tweeting Chase saying “stop deflecting [your] actions onto others because you can’t take responsibility chase. want me to talk about how you treated me throughout our relationship or do you just want to continue to play the victim?”

Sister, Dixie D’Amelio, boyfriend Griffin Johnson, as well as Anthony Reeves and Avani have also tweeted in support of Charli. Avani going as far as responding to Charli’s suggestion to voice how she was treated during her’s and Chase’s relationship by saying “do it…you didn’t hear that from me”.

These kids, wow.

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