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Jeffree Star Addresses Racist Past, Says He Agrees He Should Be Cancelled

Jeffree Star Addresses Racist Past, Says He Agrees He Should Be Cancelled

Jeffree Star has broken his silence.

Early this morning, the controversial personality took to Twitter to address some of the photos and screenshots that have been circulating amidst the Black Lives Matter movement.

Amongst many accusations against the beauty mogul, some have been calling for his “cancellation” after old photos resurfaced of Jeffree causing self-harm (which he posted himself) and posing with a confederate flag. There is also a screenshot circulating from a social media profile page of Jeffree’s called Lipstick Nazi— which has led many to believe he had a beauty brand prior to Jeffree Star Cosmetics with this name.

In a note posted to Twitter, Jeffree addresses his past and says he agrees that the Jeffree Star from 10-15 years ago should be cancelled.

Lipstick Nazi

Of the profile page, Jeffree says when he was a teenager, he referred to everyone who liked makeup as a ‘lipstick nazi.’ “It was offensive, derogatory and for shock value,” he says. “It does not reflect who I am today or what I stand for or have EVER stood for.”

Jeffree explains that at the time, the word ‘nazi’ was being used as a slang term. “It was a slang term when I was young used by TV shows like Seinfeld who had characters named the ‘Soup Nazi’ named after a crazy cook,” he writes. “That’s not an excuse, but just giving context.”

He admits the word is “disgusting” and says he will always be sorry for the “dumb vile shit” he’s said in his past.

Jeffree maintains that he never had a makeup company named Lipstick Nazi and that Jeffree Star Cosmetics was his first and only beauty brand.

Self-harm photo

Jeffree explains that he launched a Splash page in the early 2000s with a photo of himself causing self-harm with the caption ‘coming soon.’ “That same week, I dissolved the URL and tried to erase the horrible images of me self-harming from the internet.”

He asks that anyone who still has access to that photo to please stop sharing it, as it’s triggering for him. “I let someone photograph me when I was really young, and I regret doing extreme things for what I considered ‘art’ at the time,” he explains. “Seeing it every morning when I turn on my phone has been really triggering and hard to process.”

He says self-harm was something he was addicted to as a teenager and it will “always haunt me.”

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Confederate flag photo

Finally, Jeffree explains the photo of him posting with a confederate flag. “I was asked to be in that photo for shock value because I was ‘gay’ and obviously not what the flag represents,” he claims. “I was mocking the flag but now see how ugly and wrong it is to be next to it.”

He admits he should not have posed for that photo and that he will “always agree” with cancelling the Jeffree Star from 10-15 years ago.

“But that person is long gone,” he finishes. “I won’t let my past overshadow who I am today and will always use my platform to spread awareness and only show inclusivity.”

“I want to apologize and say sorry again to everyone who I offended with my past actions. I will always be sorry.”

Jury’s still out on whether the star will address other accusations, including those from Kam Lester.

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