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Tana Mongeau Called Out By SimplyNessa For Racist Microaggressions

Tana Mongeau Called Out By SimplyNessa For Racist Microaggressions

Another creator has accused Tana Mongeau of racist behaviour.

YouTuber Nessa Briella AKA SimplyNessa15 has detailed her experience with Tana Mongeau in her latest video titled, “Dear Tana Mongeau.”

Throughout the video, Nessa explains to her 2.5 million subscribers that Tana and manager Jordan Worona have a history of microaggressions that painted herself and Kahlen Barry as the ‘angry, aggressive’ Black stereotype.

Kahlen Barry was a member of Tana’s collaboration channel, Trash. Last month, Kahlen uploaded his own video exposing Tana’s racist behavior towards him as a Black man. His accusations included gaslighting, invalidating his feelings, framing him as an “angry Black person,” and even reportedly spreading rumours to others in the industry that Kahlen had been arrested.

Followers of both will remember that years ago, Tana began publicly bad-mouthing Nessa to her subscribers— accusing Nessa of two-faced, mean-girl behaviour. While Nessa admits that she is “not completely innocent,” Tana’s influence turned a lot of fans against Nessa and greatly impacted her career. Tana, on the other hand, seemed to get away unscathed.

Of that, Nessa says she’s sick of white creators getting away with problematic behaviour because their audience can use the excuse that “they’ve grown.”

Nessa alleges Tana’s smear-campaign went beyond her fan-base. As former best friends, Nessa actually introduced Tana to Jordan— who was Nessa’s manager at the time. She claims that once Tana and Jordan started working together, Nessa’s reputation in the industry began to plummet.

She later discovered, similar to Kahlen, that Tana and Jordan were allegedly portraying Nessa as the “angry Black woman” to other people in their lives, tarnishing her reputation.

Nessa also claims that Jordan told people she had schizophrenia— a mental illness she has not been diagnosed with, and that Jordan eventually assigned her to a manager that would “understand her better,” who also happened to be Black.

Nessa details many other alleged instances of being gaslit, manipulated, and bullied by Tana and Jordan.

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The apologies

On September 4th, Tana finally apologised to Nessa in a video posted to her YouTube channel. Both Tana and Jordan previously made statements about their racist behaviour below.

On June 22nd (prior to Nessa’s video), Jordan released a statement on Twitter, writing that Tana had a difficult childhood and many of her mistakes were made when she was quite young. He does not address the accusations made about himself.

Tana has publicly apologised via Twitter to Kahlen, but not yet to Nessa. This weekend, Tana took to Instagram stories to say she will address the recent backlash in multiple videos.

We sincerely hope Tana and Jordan do better.

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