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Tana Mongeau Faces Backlash After Co-Hosting The H3 Podcast Steamy Awards

Tana Mongeau Faces Backlash After Co-Hosting The H3 Podcast Steamy Awards

Tana Mongeau is facing backlash for her behaviour during last night’s Steamy Awards. 

Hosted by the H3 Podcast, The Steamy Awards are a satirical awards ceremony honouring the buzziest online drama of the year, giving out awards for anything from the “Worst Apology” and “Worst Influencer Scam.” The name is derived from the YouTube Streamys, an awards ceremony honouring YouTube creators since 2008. 

The Steamy Awards started in 2021, with Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas hosting the show on the Frenemies podcast. Though Frenemies no longer exists, Ethan continued with the Steamies on the H3 Podcast channel. Over the years, Ethan has shared his hosting duties with his wife, Hila Klein, Def Noodles, Tana Mongeau, and Jeff Wittek. 

While the show is typically in the H3 podcast studio, Ethan and his team sold out the Dolby Theatre this year, hosting the Steamies live from Hollywood Boulevard. 

Most viewers enjoyed the show, with many expressing their pride in the H3 crew. However, fans were also disappointed with Tana’s comments and overall behaviour as a co-host. 

When Tana walked on stage, live viewers flooded the chat, saying the 25-year-old influencer was “wasted” and too drunk to be hosting the show.

Screenshot via H3 Podcast on YouTube.

Many fans felt that Tana made the show virtually “unwatchable,” noting that her constant commentary over Ethan and Hila was “uncomfortable” for the audience and hosts alike. These viewers claimed that she was being “disrespectful” to the entire H3 team by showing up drunk and undermining their hard work. 

“Watching the H3 Steamies, and I’m so sad for the crew, y’all. Tana Mongeau really ruined the show they planned for all year jesus christ,” one X user wrote.  

“Alright, I love Tana, but can we ban her from the #steamies because she ruined that sh—t, dude 😭😭😭😭 it was so off the rails and not in a good way,” another shared

Things only worsened when Tana put on a shirt reading, “I Love Trisha Paytas,” around 1 hour and 20 minutes into the show. 

“She’s doing a little gag on me….” Ethan tells the audience after he sees Tana’s shirt. “Listen, I love her [Trisha] too…” 

Tana then started chanting, “I want Frenemies back,” before explaining that she loves both of the former hosts, where she “feel[s] like a child of divorced parents.”


Tana brings up Trisha and frenemies at the H3 award show 😬 #tanamongeau #h3podcast #trishapaytas #foryou #fyp

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Trisha has a complicated history with the Kleins.

Ethan and Trisha started hosting the Frenemies podcast after publicly beefing online, where the show quickly found success for their dynamic. After a dispute over uneven wage distribution, Trisha later stepped down from the podcast. However, the situation was even more convoluted, given that Trisha was dating Moses Hacmon (Hila’s brother) at the time. 

Trisha and Moses have since tied the knot, welcomed a daughter, and are expecting their second child. As their relationship deepened, however, Hila seemed to distance herself from her brother. Many fans attribute the familial strain to Trisha— suggesting there is a deeper reason behind the end of Frenemies. 

While viewers felt uncomfortable with Tana broadcasting her friendship with Trisha in this context, some have also speculated whether she accidentally revealed the gender of Trisha’s new baby. When Tana revealed that she will be the baby’s godmother, she appeared to have stuttered when mentioning whether it was a son or daughter.

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“I am the godmother… I am the godmother of the new son…. or daughter… I don’t know,” Tana said. 

As the show aired, Tana addressed the backlash, writing, “I’m in trouble, idk how to do this I love everyone xo” on X.  

She later responded to a post reading, “Tana love you so much but please stop you’re ruining the show” with “ok i’ll stfu.” Tana then told her followers that she was, in fact, sober. 

“NO IM SOBER IM MAD PPL THINK IM DRUNK THIS IS STREAMYS ALL OVER AGAIN,” she shares, referencing the accusations of being drunk at the Streamy Awards earlier this year.

While many viewers remain angry at Tana, some have defended her. Reddit user Brigister posted to the r/h3h3productions subreddit, writing, “okay Tana was annoying for sure but it’s pretty silly how dramatic everyone is being about it… tone it down y’all it was a good fun show.” 

Additional Reddit users agreed in the thread, pointing out how Tana made the show more “goofy” despite a few awkward moments.

Screenshot via r/h3h3productions

All things considered, it’s safe to say that The Steamies 2023 will be going down in viral history.

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