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Josh Richards And Bryce Hall Release Savage Lil Huddy Diss Track

Josh Richards And Bryce Hall Release Savage Lil Huddy Diss Track

This is…awkward.

Sway House members Josh Richards and Bryce Hall shocked fans this morning with the release of their latest YouTube video on Josh’s channel— a 3-minute long diss track ripping into Hype House‘s Chase Hudson AKA Lil Huddy.

The song, called Softish, attacks Chase’s character, accusing the 17-year-old of being unfaithful to girlfriend Charli D’Amelio and a shady friend to fellow TikTok stars.

Throughout the song, Josh and Bryce threaten Chase multiple times, singing, “Time’s running out, 18, till you get clocked…Knock your ass out till the fans want more,” implying they’re going to beat him up once he turns 18 so they won’t be assaulting a minor. Seriously not okay.

Chase’s ex-girlfriend Cynthia Parker also makes an appearance at the very start, lip-syncing “You know you had one shot“— a jab at how quickly he moved on from her to his relationship with Charli.

So what provoked the diss track? How did this get so messy?

TBH, no one should face this type of public bullying no matter what the circumstances but the catalyst for the diss track is very clear— Josh and Bryce are accusing Chase of trying to get with Josh’s girlfriend, Nessa Barrett, another TikTok sensation.

The song claims Chase slid into Nessa’s DMs and has been trying to get with her. They also imply Chase is only with Charli for clout, singing, “You still be f*cking with girls and telling people Charli’s your world.

Many fans in the comment section and on Twitter seem to be on Josh’s side, claiming Chase allegedly uses his fame to manipulate girls into getting with him on the regular.

But Chase doesn’t seem to be paying any mind.

Just after the diss track dropped, he quote tweeted something he wrote on March 13th predicting this would happen, adding a yawn emoji.

Guess he’s feeling unbothered.

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Others are in support of Chase, calling Josh and Bryce immature and bitter. Fellow Sway House member Griffin Johnson has also spoken out, saying he does not support the drama but does appreciate the production quality of the video.

Er, okay?

This is not the first time Josh and Bryce have publicly shamed fellow TikTok stars. Earlier this month the two made a crude joke during a Live about Tony Lopez trying to get with Addison Rae, implying Addison is a tease. Addison responded saying, “lol this is disrespectful & gross.”

No matter what someone has or hasn’t done to you, cyberbullying, public harassment and threats of violence are never okay.

Someone needs to rein these boys in.

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