Editorial Policy

Centennial World’s editorial policy is informed by our vision— to bring context, nuance, and critical discussion to the topics Gen Z care about. The Centennial World team endeavour to cover internet culture, the creator economy, viral trends and news with the gravity and deep understanding these topics deserve. We aim to provide Gen Z with journalism that covers their online interests in a professional and digestible way.

Our editorial policy outlines key areas where Centennial World seeks to meet these obligations to readers.

We will:

  • Seek to inform, educate and encourage the critical thinking of readers across all pillars of coverage.
  • Set the standard for internet culture coverage by providing all necessary context, as well as the opportunity for those involved to contribute statements.
  • Set the standard for journalism best practice. Be accountable and correct errors where necessary and as new information emerges.
  • Provide a platform for content written by and for underrepresented groups, including youth, women, and people of colour.
  • Provide editorially independent content free from commercial or political bias.
  • Provide content of ethical integrity, ensuring to never dox public figures or publish personal information that could compromise their safety.