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Shane Dawson Exposes Beauty Community, Addresses Role In James Charles Cancellation

Shane Dawson Exposes Beauty Community, Addresses Role In James Charles Cancellation

Shane Glossin is no more.

Off the back of a tumultuous couple weeks online, Shane Dawson has publicly announced his departure from the YouTube beauty community on June 20th. Shane’s departure was prompted by accusations that he played a major role in Dramagedon 2.

In a since-deleted Twitter post, Shane starts by clarifying that he was, in fact, aware that Tati Westbrook was “thinking about” making her BYE SISTER… video. However, he maintains that he did not have anything to do with the video nor James Charles’ cancellation.

Shane then shares his “final thoughts on the beauty world” and details his experience from an outsider immersed in the space.

“The beauty gurus who are ALWAYS involved in scandals are ALL THE FUCKING SAME,” he writes. “They are all attention seeking game playing egocentric narcissistic vengeful two faced ticking time bombs ready to explode. And I’m OVER it.”

Twitter / Shane Dawson

He goes on to say that the beauty community is inherently flawed, as its “obsessed with looks, money, power, fame, screenshots and subtweets.” He says he will never engage in or agree with exposing receipts to tarnish someone else’s image.

He then admits that Jeffree Star is included on that “list of dramatic gurus” but that he loves him like family. “He’s VERY aware of the fact that I don’t agree with many of the ways he approaches situations and I have been very honest with him about needing to make some changes,” he writes. “But as for being in the beauty world, I can’t take the drama anymore and it’s not how I am wired so I’M OUT.”

On his involvement in Dramagedon 2

Shane says he was not behind James’ cancellation, however, he admits that it’s easy for him to get wrapped up in toxic drama when someone he loves is upset. “When [Tati] told me how upset she was in person I had the same reaction the world did when they saw her video,” he says of Tati being upset with James Charles for promoting SugarBearHair vitamins instead of Tati’s Halo Beauty. “I felt awful for her and she seemed broken.”

He says he was not shocked that Tati made a video, but he was shocked that the video was so scathing.

But Shane’s not letting James off the hook that easily. “Does it mean we should see James as some poor innocent sweet angel? No. Don’t get it twisted,” he writes. “Him and Jeffree have always been at the TOP of the dramatic guru list and I mean that with love.”

Twitter / Shane Dawson

Shane explains that he did not warn James about the video and that at the time, James “needed to be served a slice of humble pie the size of the fucking Empire State Building.”

On Tati’s motivation for making the video

Shane believes that Tati was “sick of being treated like shit by so many in the beauty world and finally snapped.” He says Tati went “full Game of Thrones” and that her video will go down in history books.

He also defends Jeffree, saying he was not behind the video. “Do I think Jeffree was also upset by some issues with James and some things he heard behind the scenes? Yes. Was Jeffree excited to see a competitor fall? Probably! He’s Jeffree FUCKING Star what did you expect?? I guess I missed the part where he got baptized and devoted his life to Christ.”

Shane admits that Jeffree took it too far when he tweeted multiple heavy accusations against James and that it’s one of Jeffree’s biggest regrets in life.

He continues by saying that the drama will never stop for some of these beauty gurus, as they thrive on it.

“Putting drama in the trailer was something I regret more than anything in the world and I’m mad I chose tea over my morals,” he says of his series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. This trailer led many to believe that Shane would be sharing private details about the beauty community and many were disappointed when this was not the case. “Although I did speak to both of them privately about the trailer I should have not even done it AT ALL.”

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Twitter / Shane Dawson

Shane then warns fans to stop cancelling beauty gurus just because they mess up. “The reason you watch these people is because they ARE SO EXTRA. They are dramatic. And if you keep cancelling them and wanting them to go away THEN who will you talk about?”

He explains that negative videos — like drama videos, anti-hauls, or beauty fails — get the highest views. “Let’s not pretend that the beauty world isn’t negativity first, makeup second.”

“As for my channels, I’m done with the beauty world,” he wraps. “I just am choosing to no longer be part of that world.”

Twitter / Shane Dawson

After fans questioned Shane’s statement about James “needing” to eat humble pie, the YouTuber added one more note, clarifying that he does not think James’ cancellation was okay. “We all know collectively that the internet was too mean to James,” he writes. “Me saying he needed to be humbled isn’t mean it’s honest. And he said that in his own video.”

He agrees that said “humbling” should happen off camera and apologises for making light of Tati’s video.

“K that’s it,” he says before deleting the entire thread. “I feel good in my heart about what I said and that’s all I can do. Sorry it wasn’t the tea people wanted but I’m officially done with tea.”

Twitter / Shane Dawson

And that’s Shane Dawson on the beauty world.

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