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Shane Dawson Is Launching A Beauty Channel

Shane Dawson Is Launching A Beauty Channel

In 2019, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star made history when their eyeshadow palette, the Conspiracy Palette, sold 1 million copies in 30 minutes.

This was the biggest launch in makeup history and after years of dabbling in the beauty community, it solidified Shane’s place amongst some of the world’s biggest beauty gurus.

Now, a few months later, the OG creator seems to be diving even deeper into the community with his very own beauty YouTube channel, ShaneGlossin, which he announced on Twitter today.

The announcement comes after months of critics claiming Shane only did the collaboration (and docuseries that went along with it) for clout and money.

This morning, a “tea” account wrote that Shane Dawson sold us a lie, and after coming across the tweet on his explore page, Shane decided to finally speak up.

Not one to typically respond to haters, Shane took to Twitter to defend himself, saying he plays with makeup “almost daily” and is simply taking a break from posting after a wild year.

He also added a photo of his makeup bag, which he says he takes everywhere he goes.

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Since teasing his new channel, Shane Glossin has gained over 138K subscribers in 10 hours— making it one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube so far.

And if there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s that Shane Dawson makes amazing YouTube content, so it’s safe to say his new channel’s about to become another fan-favourite.

We can’t wait to see what Shane Glossin has in store for 2020!

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