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Jeffree Star & Trisha Paytas Rehash Las Vegas Trip and Friendship Drama: A Breakdown

Jeffree Star & Trisha Paytas Rehash Las Vegas Trip and Friendship Drama: A Breakdown

From Joshua David Evans speaking out against his ex-wife, Colleen Ballinger, to drama channels piling on RawBeautyKristi, the internet feels very 2016. And as Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star rehash old drama, it only adds to this phenomenon.

Over the past week, Trisha and Jeffree have been going back and forth on social media. It all started when Kelon Campbell, the creator of TikTok’s beloved Terri Joe character, appeared on the Just Trish podcast

During their conversation, Kelon spoke about going live on TikTok with Eugenia Cooney and Jeffree Star, to which Trisha reflected on her relationship with the makeup mogul. 

“Jeffree’s cool …yeah, I think we have… I don’t know… maybe we didn’t have beef… I don’t know, sometimes you think about why did we fall out? Sometimes, I forget… I was just a hot mess. I just hated everyone for a minute,” Trisha says. 

Soon after, Jeffree addressed Trisha’s comments on a TikTok live. He insinuated that Trisha was “lying” about forgetting why the pair had fallen out. 

“She made up the most vicious lies about me and tried to ruin my life, and at the time, everyone was bored and entertained her lies, it was so terrible for my mental health… and this b—ch said she don’t remember?” Jeffree begins.  

Jeffree goes on to mention a Las Vegas trip he took with Trisha and his entourage in February 2020— a vacation that ultimately led to the end of their friendship. The drama surrounding the trip started the following year after Trisha posted a YouTube video titled “why I’m scared of jeffree and hairbyjay.” 

In the now-deleted video, she said she is “genuinely scared” of Jeffree and his “wig guy” Jay. Trisha went on to claim that Jay overcharged her for wig services on the trip and accused him of doxxing her by leaking her phone number and business name in text messages shown on live. She also said that during the same trip, Jeffree slapped her hand away when reaching for nachos, exclaiming, “Don’t eat”.

Despite accounts corroborating her claims, Hair by Jay later said Trisha lied about what went down on the trip. This accusation then sent Trisha on a rant across YouTube and social media to set the record straight.

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In the recent livestream, he says he feels “disrespected” by Trisha. The beauty creator questions why Trisha would try to pass off her behaviour when she “tried to ruin my life.” 

“It was so crazy y’all, this b—ch [Trisha] uploaded a vlog about our trip… it was so beautiful, it was so amazing. Four months later, [she] deletes it, makes up all these lies… you don’t remember trying to ruin my life girl?” he says. “It’s just so crazy how I really took this person in and they sh—t on me. The first second, people were starting to turn [on me].”

Trisha made her video around six months after Jeffree and Shane Dawson started receiving backlash for their problematic behaviour and role in Dramageddon 2.0.  

Jeffree also addressed his relationship with Trisha on the Dumb Blonde podcast with Bunnie XO.

“She did me and Jay wrong and made up a whole drama,” he begins. “She did me really wrong. She made up all these lies saying I fat-shamed her and called her all these things… never happened… She hurt me deeply and never apologised.”

The podcast host then went on to detail her own experience with Trisha. 

“Trisha actually flaked on me yesterday,” she reveals. “She texted me one hour before she was meant to show up, saying that she wasn’t coming.” 

After Jeffree’s conversation with Bunnie, Trisha felt compelled to address the situation in an 8-minute TikTok. In the video, she apologises for “ghosting” Bunnie but asserts that she doesn’t owe Jeffree an apology.

“I brought him [Jeffree] up so briefly…I tried to just pass it off… but he just went on this tirade attacking me, calling me a liar,” she says tearfully. “To say that I lied about him… and that I lied about HairByJay when there are videos of HairByJay just cussing me out and telling me how ugly I am…” 

Trisha admits she was grateful for the trip and her friendship with Jeffree but explains that “things happen, and I didn’t feel good about it anymore, so I was out.”

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She also goes into her friendship breakdown with Shane Dawson, explaining that he and his now-husband Ryland sided with Jeffree during the drama. 

“I’ve truly made my peace with it, and I really don’t want this drama, but I am not going to let me be dragged in and say I lied and owe him [Jeffree] an apology… there are plenty of receipts,” Trisha adds. “The last person I owe an apology to is Jeffree Star.”

Trisha’s TikTok hasn’t stopped Jeffree from speaking about the situation. In an exclusive interview with drama channel Rich Lux, Jeffree reflected on his friendship with Trisha. 

In the 40-minute-long conversation with Rich, Jeffree maintains that he was a “good friend” to Trisha both on and off the Las Vegas trip. He exposed that Trisha had been doing “heroin with Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband and [that] I saved her from the trenches and took her away from it.”

“I lived the whole trip. I was there not you…” Jeffree says. “I know the love I gave and the friendship and how good of a friend I am… girl, I ain’t gonna hear it.” 

Jeffree acknowledged his appearance on the Dumb Blonde podcast, saying that Bunnie and Trisha had made amends. However, he notes that he “never got to speak [with Trisha] after she deleted the Vegas vlog.” With this, the beauty creator admits that he would go on Trisha’s podcast if he were to be invited.

“I would love to hash it out with her and sit down and hug her,” he says.

At the time of publication, there is no confirmation that Jeffree will appear on the Just Trish podcast.

Check back for updates. 

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