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James Charles Announces Makeup Brand ‘Painted’ Coming Summer 2023

James Charles Announces Makeup Brand ‘Painted’ Coming Summer 2023

James Charles has finally announced the launch of his own makeup brand.

After years of teasing his own beauty line, the YouTube star has officially revealed the first taste of his new brand, Painted.

“4 years of hard work later… my own makeup brand is finally coming,” James wrote on Instagram alongside a promotional video. “I’m beyond excited to share these products with you, but for now, here’s a teaser of what’s to come.”

James also said the brand is set to release in summer 2023.

While the creator didn’t reveal anything further about his planned product releases or pricing, the brand’s launch video suggests the line might focus on cream and pot paint colour cosmetics that empower true makeup artistry— a far cry from typical influencer beauty brands.

Despite this new twist, social media users have long said James missed the opportunity to launch his own beauty brand.

“His scandals and dramas aside, by diversifying the types of videos he makes he’s probably lost a huge amount of viewers that are interested in buying his makeup,” explained YouTube commentary channel Drama Investigator, in a video from July 2022.

Many YouTube viewers seem to agree that the era of influencer beauty brands has passed. The market became over-saturated and consumers were burned too many times.

“James’ career is kinda over at this point,” wrote Karai Akauma on Drama Investigator’s video. “The makeup market became way too saturated, so it was bound to happen. The skincare market will meet the same end eventually as well. But back to James, he’d be better off moving onto something else or just fading into the shadows.”

“I feel like the time for influencers doing make up brands is over, like it was done to death, the market is just overloaded,” said K Goulding123.

Despite this sentiment, James’ comment section is flooded with positivity from hundreds of fans excited to buy his line.

Check back for updates on Painted by James Charles.

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