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Josh Richards, Nessa Barrett Confirm Split

Josh Richards, Nessa Barrett Confirm Split

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In the never ending saga of TikTok relationships, the latest couple to make news is ex-Sway House member Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett. After confirming their relationship in January this year (after months of fan speculation), the pair have today announced that they are calling it quits.

In a video titled ‘We Broke Up,’ Josh explains, “We thought you guys deserved to know, we also didn’t want lies or rumours being spread because the last thing I want personally is for any of you guys to spread any hate on Nessa because she is an amazing girl and I will always care about her.”

Josh continues to explain the reason for the breakup, saying, “There comes a time in some relationships guys, where you realise it maybe isn’t the best for you guys to be together. We realised we needed to mature and grow as people…” Nessa confirmed by explaining, “We kind of both started two different chapters in our lives…” before sharing her plans to move to LA in pursuit of music. 

The two also credit social media for being toxic for their mental health, with Nessa acknowledging the importance of taking some time off in the breakup process. 

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The pair confirmed the split was mutual and that they intend to stay friends. Josh asked of his fans to “keep spreading love to the both of us, there [are no] picking sides, there is no Team Josh or Team Nessa…we’re going to take this time to grow for ourselves.”

Watch the YouTube video here.

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