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Is Shane Dawson Suing Drama Channel Sanders Kennedy?

Is Shane Dawson Suing Drama Channel Sanders Kennedy?

The YouTube drama apocalypse continues.

ICYMI, Shane Dawson has faced some serious backlash recently for his past problematic content, including sexualising minors, profiting off racism, and allegedly puppeteering the takedown of James Charles last year.

In response to Shane’s cancellation, YouTube drama channel Sanders Kennedy uploaded a video last week claiming that Shane was currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for his former interactions online with young girls.

In the now-deleted video, Sanders reported that he spoke with the LASD and said they were urging survivors to get in contact with any information they have on Shane Dawson.

However, fans were immediately skeptical of Sanders’ claims, as he did not provide receipts to back up this alleged interaction with the police.

Was Sanders lying?

While we cannot confirm nor deny if Sanders actually spoke with the LASD, it seems his claims of an open investigation into Shane Dawson were false.

YouTube commentary channel Def Noodles was the first to look into Sanders’ allegations, tweeting that he had contacted the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and officer David Payne confirmed there is “no official statement on the matter as there is no open investigation.” He also alleged that the LASD had received a “3rd party complaint” last week about Shane Dawson. Many believe this complaint was made by Sanders Kennedy.

News creator Keemstar backed this up by reaching out to Shane Dawson via text. Shane replied to Keem, saying “My attorney confirmed with the LA Sheriff’s Office today that there is no open investigation.”

Two days later, Insider also reported that Sanders’ story was false and that any statements about an open investigation into Shane Dawson was “misinformation.”

“Sergeant Dave Payne, the Human Trafficking Bureau sergeant for the department, said that Dawson had not been charged with a crime and that no one has come forward to identify themselves to the LASD as a victim of Dawson’s,” wrote Insider.

Sanders himself uploaded a 14-second video on July 10th reiterating Insider‘s report.

Is Shane Dawson suing Sanders Kennedy?

After multiple sources confirmed that Shane Dawson is not being investigated by the LASD, Insider journalist Kat Tenbarge tweeted that Shane’s camp is considering legal action.

Shane Dawson’s lawyer told me that they ‘will take appropriate action’ against Sanders Kennedy, a drama YouTuber who sent Shane’s old videos to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and ‘exclusively’ reported on the resulting suspicious circumstance report,” she wrote.

Shane’s legal team gave Insider this official statement: “We’re considering all options and we will take appropriate action against Mr. Kennedy to protect and enforce our client’s rights.”

Though fans support Shane’s recent repercussions, many feel Sanders went too far in the pursuit of a juicy video— a monetized video, no less.

Shane Dawson has not publicly commented on the situation at the time of publication.

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