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YouTube Has Demonetised Shane Dawson’s Channels

YouTube Has Demonetised Shane Dawson’s Channels

YouTube has demonetised all three of Shane Dawson’s channels.

Amidst weeks of controversy for the OG viral star, YouTube has confirmed that it has temporarily disabled monetisation on Shane Dawson’s channels as of June 29th.

According to TubeFilter, YouTube stated it “takes such action in rare circumstances where a particularly newsworthy creator’s bad behaviour could have a negative impact across its collective community.”

Other instances of temporary demonetisation include Logan Paul in 2017 after filming a dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest and JayStation who faked his girlfriend’s death earlier this year.

YouTube’s decision comes after multiple resurfaced videos and photos began circulating of the star engaging in racist jokes, blackface, sexualising animals and minors, and saying the n-word. In a recent video, Shane explained his past behaviour was largely the result of mental health struggles.

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Though Shane has not publicly commented on his demonetisation, he was active on social media earlier today— jumping on Instagram live respond to accusations made by Tati Westbrook in her that he and BFF Jeffree Star gas-lit and manipulated Tati into cancelling James Charles one year ago.

YouTube’s decision to suspend Shane’s monetisation is indefinite, but likely not permenant.

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