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Daisy Keech Reveals Shady “Truth” About The Hype House

Daisy Keech Reveals Shady “Truth” About The Hype House

Daisy Keech is stating her piece.

Weeks after fitness influencer Daisy Keech revealed she is no longer part of The Hype House through an interview with Insider, she’s taken to YouTube to share her side of the story.

In a video titled “Truth about the Hype House,” Daisy spills some piping hot tea, primarily about Hype House manager, Thomas Petrou, and how TikTok’s most notorious content house is slowly imploding before millions of eyes.

So if you can’t be bothered to watch all 22 minutes (we highly suggest that you do though), here’s what Daisy had to say.

Strap in, it gets messy.

Daisy co-founded The Hype House

Daisy starts by explaining how the latest viral content house came to fruition. She says shortly after meeting Thomas, she hired him as her photographer and editor as he needed a job. The duo met Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy) and that’s when Thomas starting talking about doing their own content house, similar to Team 10. Daisy says they found The Hype House on Zillow and after touring, they knew it was the right house— the home needed to be big enough for multiple people to stay and spacious enough to easily create content.

The deposit was $46,000 USD. Daisy claims she and Chase put down $18,000 each while Thomas and couple Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon put down $5,000.

Things took a turn when press got involved

The Hype House got lots of press early on, including a highly publicised feature for The New York Times. Daisy alleges that the NYT interview was the first time she realised Thomas avoided crediting her as a founder. She says Chase always had his manager present at all press events, which helped him get established as a co-founder along with Thomas.

This became a consistent theme throughout her tenure at THH— Thomas spun the narrative that he and Chase were co-founders and failed to recognise Daisy, Alex and Kouvr.

Daisy says she constantly confronted Thomas about this issue. She claims he would apologise in the moment and agree to credit all co-founders next time, but would never follow through.

Thomas had sole access to all accounts

Thomas reportedly appointed himself house manager and thus took it upon himself to create the business social media accounts and emails. Daisy says Thomas kept all the passwords secret even from founding members.

She explains this felt like a power move, as this gave Thomas full access to all their collective brand deals. She says to this day, Thomas claims The Hype House has made no money, despite their millions of followers, international press coverage, and insane influence amongst gen-z.

She doesn’t come out and say it, but Daisy alludes to Thomas taking their money. She says he’s spending thousands of dollars on new jewelry and clothes and is even considering buying a Tesla— all with money he allegedly didn’t have before.

Sounds like Antphrodite was possibly right.

Thomas slowly cut Daisy out

Thomas apparently started making decisions about the house that put Daisy at risk, as she was legally liable on the lease. This is when Daisy says she started speaking up a lot, and Thomas slowly started to cut her out.

Daisy says her lawyer reached out to Thomas to provide guidance on the business and Thomas reportedly said to him, “I’m just more of a businessman, and girls like Daisy, she’s just another hot Instagram model with a shelf life.”

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Daisy explains how hurt she was to hear this, considering Thomas was one of her best friends.

When things started going further south with Thomas, Daisy filed for Hype House trademarks to ensure she didn’t get cut out of the business. She claims that when she told Thomas, he gaslit her, saying she didn’t file correctly.

Thomas unfollowed Daisy on social media

Daisy explains that after confronting Thomas multiple times, he unfollowed her on social media, including from The Hype House account which was quickly picked up by fans and the press.

She says he tried to manipulate other members of the house to unfollow and block her as well. This is when she knew she had to get out.

Despite feeling manipulated, degraded and lied to, Daisy ends the video by saying she forgives Thomas. She says she believes everyone in The Hype House has a good heart and she knows it’s easy to get caught up in the L.As scene.

Though this experience will have a lasting impact on her, Daisy elegantly thanks Thomas for teaching her lessons like how to stand up for herself and how to handle business relations in the future. She finishes by saying she just needed to share her side of the story and she is ready to move on from this experience.

And that’s on the first Hype House member leaving.

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