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James Charles Feuds With ‘Drag Race’ Winner Trinity The Tuck

James Charles Feuds With ‘Drag Race’ Winner Trinity The Tuck

Here we go again.

James Charles has found himself in the middle of drama yet again after drag queen, Trinity The Tuck, came for him on Twitter.

Last night, James tweeted a joke to his 5 million followers, writing, “tested positive for having a fat ass?.” While some found the tweet distasteful given the current lack of testing available for the Coronavirus outbreak, it seems someone had a different bone to pick with the beauty guru.

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner, Trinity The Tuck, fired back at James, tweeting “Fat ass? Girl who diagnosed you? Hellen Keller?” Whether Trinity’s tweet was meant to be lighthearted or not, the response ignited a savage Twitter exchange that even included receipts.

James claims he initially tried to keep it jovial with Trinity, poking fun at her physical appearance the same way she had his.

However, Trinity wasn’t having it. The gloves were off and she dragged James for allegedly trying to get free product from her in exchange for a post. James quickly refuted this claim, providing screenshots of a DM he sent Trinity which prove he intended to pay for the product.

Trinity replied saying she remembered the exchange differently and James bowed out saying he loves her work and the initial tweet was meant to be playful.

Shortly after the back-and-forth, Trinity tweeted that she stands by what she said. She also posted a screenshot thanking James for following her after their words and called him “trash.”

Fans of both James and Trinity didn’t seem impressed by the Twitter feud. Many replied expressing their disappointment, saying this is not the time to be engaging in petty drama. Some also criticised Trinity for attacking a 20-year-old “kid.”

Just another day on the internet for sister James!


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