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Who Is In TikTok’s New Hype House?

Who Is In TikTok’s New Hype House?

Updated June 19th, 2020.

Move over Team 10, we’ve got a new house filled with viral stars and it’s called the Hype House.

The Hype House, which came to inception in late December 2019, is a mansion in LA filled with some of TikTok and Instagram’s biggest stars where they eat, sleep and breathe content creation— literally.

Similar to Jake Paul‘s Team 10 house filled with YouTubers, creators all live together under one roof and spend their days creating TikToks, collaborating on projects, playing pranks on each other, and just doing whatever viral social media stars do.

How can a bunch of teenagers legally live in the Hype House?

In LA, there’s a slew of mansions owned by tech moguls/companies (including the Team 10 house). The purpose of these mansions is to rent them out to up-and-coming social media stars.

The “house” acts as a talent agency— where a large percentage of everyone’s income goes to the owner of the house. Each house has a set of rules, requires parental permission for anyone under 18 to film there, and if members of the house don’t create consistent viral content, they’re out. This requires a house “manager” who’s responsible for keeping everyone in line and making sure they deliver.

It’s kind of like a fraternity or sorority house. Just with serious clout.

So who’s the Hype House manager?

YouTuber and former Team 10 member himself, Thomas Petrou.

Thomas has apparently had a rough couple years— from Vine closing (where he got his viral start) to being dropped by Team 10 and recently breaking up with his long-time girlfriend, Kayla Pimentel. He was looking for the silver lining and a new project he could get stuck into.

Thomas told the Lopez Brothers in their December 9th vlog, “It took me 13 days to make this house possible— from the idea, to calling places, touring places, and making it happen.”

While it’s not confirmed that the Hype House acts as a talent agency like the Team 10 house, Thomas’ Instagram bio says he’s “manager” of @thehypehousela, so it’s likely a similar model.

There has been criticism online surrounding the residents’ lack of diversity.

What happened to the first Hype House?

Back in January, the New York Times confirmed there were only 4 full-time residents of the house with many frequent TikTok-famous guests coming in and out. It seems you can be “in” the Hype House without actually living there. But what does it take to be a part of the Hype House and how do you get invited? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Chase ‘Lil Huddy’ Hudson, who was one of the founding members of the collective explains: “We are looking for the right fit…If we all get along and think [a person] is a good fit for everybody, connects with us a whole, that’s when we decide.”

Addison Rae, one of the house’s most recognisable faces also said during that same interview, “I feel like there’s no criteria, besides being a hard worker, and someone that’s willing to work and get where we all are. I guess, [someone who can] stay motivated throughout it all and not get distracted. It is hard you know, living with everybody it is hard to be serious at points but if you can come together and get to work…”

Despite a promising start, the Hype House has been through its fair share of drama over the last 6 months— namely, when co-founder Daisy Keech put house manager Thomas Petrou on blast. Her accusations against Thomas’ character and subsequent departure prompted a domino effect, with many of the most influential members choosing to part ways with the collective shortly after.

Former Hype House members include Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Daisy Keech, Darianka Sanchez, Patrick Huston, Connor Yates, Calvin Golby, and Wyatt Xavier.

Who’s in the new Hype House?

After a relatively quiet couple of months, the Hype House announced the group had moved into a bigger, more modern home.

The new house comes as part of a total rebrand for business. Recently, their official Instagram account unfollowed every member of the house (they notoriously only followed people who were in the crew), leaving fans wondering who was in and who was out.

While they still follow 0 people, the Hype House IG has been posting photos of some new faces who have presumably joined the collective.

With new digs, new members, and new opportunities, the stars are ready to take back their spot as TikTok’s most prominent content house.

Here’s who’s part of the new Hype House 2.0.

Thomas Petrou, 21


Alex Warren, 19


Kouvr Annon, 19


Ryland Storms, 20


Nick Austin, 19


See Also

Mia Hayward, 19


Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), 17


Olivia Ponton, 18


Larri Merritt, 21


Ondreaz Lopez, 22


Tony Lopez, 20


Tayler Holder, 22


Nate Wyatt, 23


Kelianne Stankus, 24


Jack Wright, 17


James Wright, 17


Michael Sanzone, 18


Team 10 is quaking.

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