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Is The Hype House Breaking Up?

Is The Hype House Breaking Up?

It seems our favorite group of viral TikTok stars may be headed for splitsville.

Earlier this week, fitness model and member of The Hype House Daisy Keech sent fans into a tailspin when she revealed that she’s seeking legal action against house manager, Thomas Petrou.

In an interview with Insider, Daisy explained that she’s a founding member of The Hype House along with Thomas and Chase Hudson (Lil Huddy), but has not received the recognition or kickback she deserves. “For the first couple of interviews, I just kinda kept my mouth shut and let them do them,” Daisy told Insider of the group’s initial rise to fame. “And then I’m there all by myself…like, I didn’t really have anyone there to tell me what to do, to tell me that I should be speaking up, telling me that this isn’t right.”

Daisy alleges that Thomas, a former member of Jake Paul’s Team 10, always dreamed of having his own house. Thomas and Daisy reportedly came up with the concept for The Hype House together, and when Thomas met Chase, the vision came to fruition.

In January, Daisy began filing trademarks for The Hype House and in February, her lawyer sent Thomas a cease and desist after Thomas used the trademark in an Instagram story promoting merch without her consent.

Caught up yet?

Because now it seems the situation has escalated even further.

According to @tiktokroom, Daisy and The Hype House recently unfollowed each other on Instagram. The Hype House also unfollowed members Patrick Huston, Connor Yates, Calvin Golby and Wyatt Xavier around the same time.

Just yesterday, Thomas posted to @thehypehousela Instagram stories that his personal account had been “hacked.” Upon regaining control of his account a little while later, he posted a cryptic message about someone paying to have him hacked.

Thomas also claimed the hacker attempted to hack into his PayPal, Venmo, Cash app and bank account “to take all my money.”

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Some fans speculate that he’s alluding to Daisy as the hacker, which many say is shady and unfair of Thomas.

Daisy’s representative did not respond to Centennial‘s request for comment at the time of publication. However, the model posted an inspirational quote on her Instagram stories today about setting healthy boundaries with toxic people, writing “don’t let them walk all over u.”

While we’re sad to see such a rift amongst some of our favourite TikTokers, we’re all about women taking a stand and going after what they deserve.

Check back for updates on The Hype House and Daisy’s involvement as events unfold.

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