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Everything We Know About Daisy Keech’s TikTok ‘Clubhouse Beverly Hills’

Everything We Know About Daisy Keech’s TikTok ‘Clubhouse Beverly Hills’

Talk about a quick comeback!

Just days after spilling some serious tea on The Hype House and announcing her official separation from TikTok’s most notorious crew, Daisy Keech has now announced her own content house called Clubhouse Beverly Hills.

In the CBH house tour posted to her YouTube channel, Daisy starts by thanking her fans, saying this opportunity wouldn’t be possible without their support.

The modern Beverly Hills mansion appears to have 7 bedrooms, at least 4 bathrooms, an elevator, two living rooms, two kitchens, a theatre room and a pool.

According to the Clubhouse Beverly Hill’s Instagram, four content creators are officially living at the house full time: Daisy Keech, Chase Keith, Abby Rao, and Kinsey Wolanski.

But similar to The Hype House, it seems the CBH crew extends beyond those living in the house.

Here’s what we know about the Clubhouse Beverly Hills crew (so far).

Daisy Keech, 20

Daisy is a fitness influencer, owner of Keech Peach workout programs, and co-founder of The Hype House and Clubhouse Beverly Hills.

Leslie Golden, 20

Leslie is a model and influencer. She is signed with Rebels Mgmt and though it doesn’t sound like she lives there yet, she has the Clubhouse Beverly Hills in her bio.

Seth Ondrick, 19

Seth is a filmmaker and founder of his own production company, Sondays. According to his Instagram, Seth is creating content for the CBH.

Keven Zeni, 22

Keven is a filmmaker and editor who seems to be working alongside Seth in creating content for the Clubhouse Beverly Hills.

Abby Rao, 22

Abby is a model, actress and influencer. She co-founded the Clubhouse Beverly Hills and formerly dated YouTube star RiceGum.

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Kinsey Wolanski, 23

Kinsey is the influencer who famously streaked across the pitch at the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool to promote her then-boyfriend’s porn website.

Chase Keith, 17

Chase is a model, actor and YouTuber. He also founded a clothing line called Caustic Youth.

Isaak Presley, 17

Isaak is an actor best known for his role as Bobby Popko on the Netflix series Fuller House. He is also dating 15-year-old MacKenzie Zielger of Dance Moms.

Mariana Morais, 21

Mariana AKA MaareBeaar is a Brazilian influencer with a focus on fitness and lifestyle. She is the founder of fitness bizz Beaar Body and lives full time in the Clubhouse.

Charly Jordan, 20

Charly is a director, model and DJ. She also founded her own brand of organic cannabis smoking products called Smoke Roses, which will be launching soon.

Check back for updates on the Clubhouse Beverly Hills.

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