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Twitch Psychic Antphrodite Exposes The Hype House

Twitch Psychic Antphrodite Exposes The Hype House

What do you get when you mix psychic energy with a fascination for modern internet culture? YouTube’s latest obsession: pop culture psychic, Antphrodite.

Anthony ‘Antphrodite’ is a self-proclaimed “sassy psychic” and celebrity tarot card reader. He first found viral success on Twitch where he live-streams tarot card readings of celebs and influencers. After fans discovered that many of his readings were coming true, his videos gained a lot of traction and Antphrodite earned himself a level of respect and legitimacy as not only a psychic, but as an online creator himself.

Now, Antphrodite is disrupting the internet yet again with his first-ever tarot card reading of TikTok’s most viral stars— The Hype House.

Throughout the 25-minute long stream, which you can find posted to his YouTube channel here, Antphrodite reads multiple tarot decks for members of The Hype House and let’s just say, the reading was loaded.

As a disclaimer, he says he doesn’t know much about The Hype House and that as always, his readings are his own opinion and for entertainment purposes only.

So if you’re into this kind of stuff or just bored at home like everyone else, here are the main takeaways from Antphrodite’s reading of The Hype House.

And again, this is all alleged, so don’t come for him.

It’s not what it seems

Antphrodite starts the reading off with a bang. In his opinion, he says The Hype House operation is not what it seems, but members might not know that yet. “You know how sometimes people have like, a front?” he says. “There’s something else going on here.”

He urges members to investigate what the leader of THH is really after and warns that they’re trusting someone they shouldn’t trust, “I totally see the person in charge here baiting and switching what the real purpose is of having them there.”

Many fans speculate the leader Antphrodite references is Hype House manager Thomas Petrou.

Members aren’t happy

According to the cards, Antphrodite says he’s sensing there’s a lot of miserable energy in The Hype House. He says people seem unhappy and there’s potentially a lot of staged fights, staged breakups and staged relationships. The leader is apparently acting as if he’s a reality TV producer.

He says the members feel creatively stifled and they should definitely keep an eye on the money coming in, as they might be getting ripped off.

He explains that the members might be manipulated into thinking the leader is a safe space for them and that this person has their best interest at heart, but that they do not.

There’s a lot of deceit going on

Throughout the reading, Antphrodite keeps using the phrase “bait and switch,” implying that whoever is behind The Hype House may have lured creators in for alternative purposes. He says the same is true for their families— he believes there is no way the parents of THH kids were told the truth about the purpose of the project and that the kids are being used as a pawn.

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“This entire project is a sale,” he reads. “This entire project’s point is to be able to sell the idea of ‘I can do whatever I want.'” It seems the leader is using The Hype House to prove himself in anticipation of a bigger project.

Interestingly, the cards show that the person in charge is leading a double life or is working through someone else. This has led fans to speculate that Thomas may be acting as the manager on behalf of a powerful person behind the scenes.

The Hype House is in trouble

Antphrodite’s opinion is that The Hype House probably won’t last very long for two reasons. First, they are allegedly spending more money than they are going to earn. Second, members will apparently start to see through the deceit. He references a female — either a mother or a member— who’s already on her way out. Fans believe he is talking about Daisy Keech, who’s currently involved in a legal battle with Thomas over The Hype House. Antphrodite also insulates that Daisy might uncover something she’s not supposed to.

He says the logistics remind him of “slave contracts” in K-Pop and that those behind the operation could be trying to put a gag order on the female they’re trying to ostracise.

It’s not all bad

Despite the dismal reading, Antphrodite says he doesn’t think it’s all for nothing. He believes something good will come out of The Hype House project, like more content creator houses and/or more exciting opportunities for the members.


We’re keeping our eyes and ears peeled for all The Hype House goss.

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