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Who Is Sydney Sweeney’s Fiancé, Jonathan Davino?

Who Is Sydney Sweeney’s Fiancé, Jonathan Davino?

Sydney Sweeney Fiancé Jonathan Davino (2)

Since returning to our screens for Euphoria season 2, the discovery of TikTok account @syds_garage, and most recently, news breaking of her engagement, Sydney Sweeney is easily the most talked about person on the Internet.

But when it comes to her relationship, little is known about the couple— unsurprising, as Sydney expressed in an interview with Cosmopolitan earlier this year, her active decision to avoid dating people in the spotlight. She explained she “[doesn’t] date actors or musicians or anyone in entertainment because [she] can just be normal Syd that way and it’s easiest.”

Sydney and now fiancé Jonathan Davino have been linked since 2018, first photographed together at an event in October of that year. While The White Lotus star has never commented publicly about their relationship, they have been known to show public displays of affection on multiple occasions over the almost four year relationship.


So, who is Jonathan Davino? According to Page Six, the 37 year-old is a Chicago-based restauranteur, his family owning popular Chicago eatery Pompei, amongst other restaurants. The family is also said to own design and technology company, 14th Round, which specialises in cannabis vaporisation devices and Final Bell which specialises in distribution in the same industry.

When it comes to social media, Jonathan is for the most part offline—  having no presence across TikTok, Facebook or LinkedIn and a small, private account on Instagram followed by Sydney and Euphoria cast mate Maude Apatow. In addition, he has never featured on Sydney Sweeney’s account, which now boasts over 10 million followers. This, however seems to be the way Sydney Sweeney likes it. Cheers to better luck in relationships for Sydney than Cassie Howard.

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