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Alix Earle Addresses Braxton Berrios Cheating Rumours on Call Her Daddy Podcast

Alix Earle Addresses Braxton Berrios Cheating Rumours on Call Her Daddy Podcast

Just one month after Alix Earle announced that she was joining Alex Cooper’s “Unwell Network,” the two have officially sat down for an episode of Call Her Daddy. 

Released on September 20, the homonymous blondes discussed a range of topics— including Alix’s childhood, dating, and post-college life. She even spoke about her relationship with Miami Dolphins receiver Braxton Berrios. 

Discussions surrounding their relationship were shrouded in cheating rumours, with numerous internet users labelling Alix as a “homewrecker.” 

ICYMI, Braxton was previously in a relationship with influencer Sophia Culpo. When Alix and Braxton were first seen together, numerous social media users suspected he was still involved with Sophia. Confirmation seemingly came when Sophia started sharing posts and liking comments supporting these claims, indicating that these rumours might be true.

Braxton later took to his Instagram stories to clarify the timeline, noting that he and Sophia had simply fizzled out and had broken up in January. Alix and Braxton were first spotted together in March of this year. 

“I was in a relationship [with Sophia] for two years. It was a good relationship. It was a healthy one, and toward the end of it, we had conversations along the lines of ‘we just weren’t working out,” he reflects. “It had nothing to do with anything else…[or] anybody else, for that matter.”


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The Call Her Daddy host went on to ask Alix about the cheating allegations. 

“This past summer, you were getting scrutinised on the internet. People were calling you a mistress, some people were calling you a homewrecker, in regards to the NFL player you were hooking up with,” Alex begins. “Can you confirm, were you hooking up with him when he was in a relationship?”

To answer the question, Alix starts by acknowledging how “triggering” these rumours have been for her, especially in light of the scandal involving her stepmother, Ashley Dupré.

Alix’s father, Thomas “TJ” Earle, had cheated on her mother when she was just in the second grade. Ashley had previously worked as a call girl and had an affair with Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York. With Ashley’s history in the public eye and TJ’s success in the construction business, the news of their relationship soon made headlines. 

“I spent my childhood thinking that this [cheating] is basically the worst thing you could do to another human, so why the f—k would I do that? No, they [Sophia and Braxton] were not together,” Alix shares. 

She says that she was asking for “receipts” as soon as the speculation started. 

“I was probably more psycho than she [Sophia] was. I was like, there’s just no f—ing way this happened. Like, I was checking everything,” she continues. “We [Alix and Braxton] have been over this probably 110 times because I was like, if you did that to a person, obviously, of course, you’ll probably do that to me too… if I did that to someone else, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”

Alix also confirmed that she is currently single and that she and Braxton have never been exclusive.

“It’s been weird starting to talk to somebody while kind of having a following,” she admits. “We started talking at a very weird time in my life… As much as we were hanging out, it never felt like the right time to start a relationship.”

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Earlier in the episode, Alix expanded on how her father’s sex scandal had influenced her life at the time.

“I’ve never talked about this online before,” she begins. “Paparazzi had shown up at my house, and my mum quickly kind of got me and my sister out of the house over to our cousins. We stayed there for a few days, and I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know they were paparazzi…”

As Alix got older and started to understand what happened between her parents, she admitted that “[she] felt like my world crashed down in that moment.”

The fallout from the affair even influenced her school life, where some of her peers were no longer allowed to visit her house. At one point, she notes, her history teacher even started talking about the sex scandal in class. 

“My teacher in high school was talking about this governor’s affair and said exactly what had happened, who it had happened with, and like looked me in the eyes while this was going on in class,” Alix shares. “I left school bawling my eyes out. I was so embarrassed.”

Alix assures the Call Her Daddy listeners that she will delve deeper into the situation on her upcoming podcast, “Hot Mess,” which is in development with the Unwell Network. 

The first episode of “Hot Mess” is scheduled for release on September 21.

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