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Why Internet Users Believe Selena Gomez is Dating Noah Beck

Why Internet Users Believe Selena Gomez is Dating Noah Beck

Internet users are losing their minds after Noah Beck was spotted with Selena Gomez. 

Yesterday, Selena attended the Paris Saint-Germain football match with Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham. Noah also watched the game, posting stories from the Parc des Princes Stadium on his Instagram.  

Screenshot via Instagram

As Selena left the stadium, she was spotted with an entourage of people, with the TikTok star seemingly among them. Social media users quickly noticed the unlikely cross-over, debating what Noah would have to do with the singer. 

“In the video, you see Noah walking out with Selena’s friend Dominic [J West],” Pop culture commentator @stephwithdadeets reports. “Dominic is very close friends with Dixie and also friends with Noah… So, was Noah actually hanging out with Selena? We don’t know.”

Dominic has long been connected with Noah’s class of influencers and is allegedly slated to appear in the D’Amelio Show season 3. Noah, on the other hand, has already been featured in earlier seasons of the show as Dixie’s boyfriend, with their breakup being confirmed by Dixie herself during season 2.

Image via @dominicjwest on Instagram

That being said, Dominic is also renowned for styling Selena, recently curating her look for her 31st birthday party. 

In fact, he was the one who posted the picture to his Instagram story of Selena wrapped in a blanket, which later became a viral meme. 

Despite Dominic being a mutual friend of Noah and Selena, some internet users have even gone so far as to question whether the two are dating. 

“She’s 10 years older than him he’s so young 😭😭nooo,” one Instagram user shared. 

“noah beck is becoming the new pete davidson 💀” another wrote. 

Screenshot via @TeaTokTalk on Instagram

A few of these users have pointed to remarks Tana Mongeau made on the Cancelled Podcast as support for their speculation.

During a recent podcast episode, Tana revealed that either Vinnie Hacker or Noah Beck hooked up with someone “crazy.” It remains unclear which of the two TikTokers she was alluding to; however, many listeners believe it was Noah, given his links to various A-list celebrities.

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“I just found out a crazy rumour of someone that one of those two people allegedly hooked up with, “Tana tells co-host Brooke Schofield. “It blew my socks off.”

Other internet users are reluctant to buy into the rumours, especially since Selena seemingly confirmed that she is single in a recent TikTok. In the video, the singer lip-synced to an audio that exclaimed, “Guess who has a boyfriend? Not me b—, y’all be safe out there.”

All things considered, Selena probably isn’t dating Noah and internet users are just fuelling the rumour mill. By now, we should all be well aware that sightings of two celebrities together do not necessarily mean they are dating. 

Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that fans will stay on the lookout as the TikTok star makes his way into A-list circles in an attempt to validate Tana’s story.

Check back for updates.

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