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Twitch Streamer Amouranth Alleges Domestic Abuse In Recent Livestream

Twitch Streamer Amouranth Alleges Domestic Abuse In Recent Livestream

TW: Domestic violence mentioned throughout.

Twitch streamer and OnlyFans creator, Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, has recently revealed that she is trapped in an abusive marriage. 

Known for her hot tub streams and ASMR videos, Amouranth has accumulated over 5.9 million followers on Twitch since 2016, making her one of the most popular streamers on the internet. 

In an emotional livestream last Saturday, the 28-year-old creator revealed that she is married, accusing her husband of emotional and financial abuse. This came as a shock because Amouranth had never mentioned her marriage.

While the stream has been removed from Twitch, clips have started circulating online. In one of the videos, the streamer is on a phone call with her husband, where he seems to repeatedly shout and swear at her. Amouranth claimed he threatened to kill her dogs if she didn’t do a 24-hour-long livestream. 

She shared that her husband had pushed her to lie to her audience, saying that if she revealed they were married, “it would ruin the business model.” 

“It’s a form of emotional abuse… I’m basically living in a fancy prison,” she went on to say. 

In the now-deleted stream, Amouranth also claimed that her husband is in control of their financial accounts, where he has threatened to burn all her earnings and leave her with 1 million dollars. While this may seem like a lot of money, Amouranth shared a Tweet in July 2022 showing that she earns up to 1.5 million monthly from OnlyFans. 

“It keeps you there with the fear and the threats, you fear that he is going to do something to your animals, and then he’s nice again and says everything is going to be OK,” she reflected.

Amouranth went on to show screenshots of text messages with her husband where he threatened to blow upwards of 750 thousand dollars and delete her social media accounts if she didn’t call him immediately.

The stream ended suddenly, with a woman off-camera asking Amouranth whether she had taken her medicine for the day. The creator appeared confused, responding with, “what are you talking about?”

Streamers and close friends of Amouranth, like Alinity, have since expressed concern for her situation. In a Twitch stream, Alinity shared that she had tried reaching out to Amouranth but couldn’t get in touch with her. She then called the police to perform a wellness check, noting that “the police can’t tell me anything about whether or not she is OK, and that is literally all I can do.”

In a YouTube video titled “Amouranth is a Victim of Abuse,” Ludwig, a former Twitch streamer, revealed that he had spoken with Amouranth’s assistant, who confirmed that she “is safe and OK.”

Other streamers, like Valkyrae, have taken to Twitter to support Amouranth. 

“It’s disgusting seeing the internet continue to invalidate and dehumanize victims of abuse. What Amouranth has been trapped in is very real… especially having joint accounts, married, dealing with threats, etc.,” she shared. “I hope she gets the freedom and relief any human in abuse deserves.”  

Ethan Klein also chimed in, writing, “It seemed like she was winning at life & in total control. But she was, the whole time, living under tremendous abuse.” 

Meanwhile, other creators like Keemstar have criticised Amouranth for lying about being single, completely undermining the abuse allegations. 

“Guys online have been donating money to her for years without realising the money was going to her husband,” the now-deleted tweet read. 

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Addressing “the skeptics,” Amouranth’s content lead, @TheRealMarzbar, provided further insight into the abuse. 

“Here’s a picture of Amouranth locked out of her hotel and the 911 call I made while he was yelling at her on Monday morning (6 am PST)”, he wrote.  

In another tweet, he said, “Police went multiple times since 5 am yesterday; She says she’s OK, so they can’t do much.”

Earlier today, while preparing to go live for the first time since revealing her husband’s alleged abuse, Amouranth tweeted, “someone called cops, be back later.”

On October 17th, Amouranth returned to live stream to give fans an update.

“I think when he heard himself on that call, it really sunk in how much of an asshole he is,” Amouranth said. “It’s like he never fucking realised. So as of today, I have access to all of my accounts and finances again. He’s not here, he’s seeking help. I’m seeking legal and emotional counsel.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do next. Hopefully a lot more animal streams. It’s gonna take time to process. I don’t know when or if I’ll be back to a full-time schedule. At least for now, I think I’m going to take it easy.”

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