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Natalie Mariduena Exposed In Alleged Leaked Text Messages About Durte Dom Sexual Harrassment Victims

Natalie Mariduena Exposed In Alleged Leaked Text Messages About Durte Dom Sexual Harrassment Victims

Allegations against the Vlog Squad and their problematic behaviour continue as new texts have emerged that allegedly show David Dobrik’s assistant, Natalie Mariduena, calling Durte Dom’s sexual assault victims “whores”.

The text messages were posted by Casandra Ramos, David’s former PR representative, to her Instagram stories in response to a question that asked whether Natalie was “fake” in real life. 

Allegations of Dom’s sexual assault of a woman who goes by the pseudonym, Hannah, first came to light in March, when Hannah told Insider that in 2018, Dom— real name Dominykas Zeglaitis— had sex with her while she was too incapacitated by alcohol to give consent. Part of the night was filmed and included in a video posted by Vlog Squad leader David, who reportedly refused to take the video down at Hannah’s request.

Dom made a statement largely denying any wrongdoing on his part in March, and only recently addressed the sexual assault allegations again in a sit-down video on his YouTube channel, where he was joined by Casandra. 

In this video, both Dom and Casandra pointed to David’s poor treatment of his friends while seemingly discrediting the voice of a sexual assault survivor. 

Many people, including Kat Tenbarge, the journalist who reported on Hannah’s story, took Dom’s video as an attempt to blame David for his actions. David disassociated with Dom prior to the Insider article, and made his comeback to YouTube largely unscathed, while Dom has not received the same welcome back.

This could explain Casandra’s attempt to expose Natalie, who has firmly stood behind David throughout the Vlog Squad cancellation.

Twitter users have begun to call Natalie out for her role in Dom’s alleged sexual assault, however, other users have pointed out that there is no way to verify the text messages as true.

Natalie has not responded to these events at the time of publication.

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