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Durte Dom Banned From TikTok & Confesses To Fake Tesla Crash For Views

Durte Dom Banned From TikTok & Confesses To Fake Tesla Crash For Views

Dominykas “Durte Dom” Zeglaitis has been banned from TikTok after he claimed responsibility for a viral Tesla crash stunt that he wasn’t involved in at all.

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles police tweeted that they were investigating a car crash stunt that recently went viral, offering a $1,000 reward for information about the driver. The video showed the driver of a Tesla speeding over a hill and crashing into two vehicles.

They followed up with a tweet claiming they had received “over 50 tips” as the video gained momentum and with 90% of those tips being about Dom. “He is considered a person of interest based on the public postings on his accounts,” they wrote.

Dom, an ex-Vlog Squad member who was has been accused of rape, initially posted videos of the stunt on his social media accounts, claiming responsibility for it. “I just crashed my new Tesla,” Dom wrote over a since-deleted TikTok video that showed him behind the wheel of his car. The video amassed over 11 million views. In other videos, he claimed to driving intoxicated and mocked the LAPD for not “liking” his stunt.

Shortly after his confession, however, several influencers called him out for lying about being involved in the stunt.

In a new video posted to his YouTube channel, Dom admits that he was not involved in the crash at all.

“I crashed my brand new Tesla, got fined $100,000 from Los Angeles county, made the news, and even the cops showed up to my door. And the craziest part of all this was? That none of it was real,” he says in the intro of the video. “This is the story of how a boring Saturday night turned me into a viral, wanted criminal.”

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Dom went on to explain how he and his friends altered clips from the viral stunt, adding their own voice-overs and filming content with Dom’s Tesla to splice in. He claims he did it for more views and fame.

Following Dom’s false confession, TikTok banned the creator from the app— removing his verified account with 2.7 million followers.

“They literally deleted my whole verified TikTok account because of this stunt,” Dom tells the vlog. He calls it “fucked up” and “corrupt” that TikTok didn’t “question” his confession and instead, took action based on “news articles online”.

Despite admitting he was not involved in the crash after all, Dom’s account has not been reinstated at the time of writing.

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