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Mads Lewis & Hayden Yezak Soft Launch Rumoured Relationship

Mads Lewis & Hayden Yezak Soft Launch Rumoured Relationship

It seems like TikTok has a new couple!

Mads Lewis, who shot to viral fame in 2020 and has since gained over 12 million followers, seemingly confirmed her suspected relationship with fellow TikToker Hayden Yezak today.

In a new video posted to Hayden’s account, he hugs Mads from behind as they lipsync to the lyrics from the Eminem song ‘Slim Shady’: “Shady wait a minute, that my girl dawg. I don’t give a fuck, God sent me to piss the world off.”

Though it’s not an outward confirmation, many fans are taking it as such, given the two have been posting flirty videos together in recent days.

Mads and Hayden’s alleged relationship comes after long-time speculation that Mads was romantically linked to TikTok star Josh Richards.

ICYMI, Mads dated TikToker-turned-musician Jaden Hossler for over a year throughout 2020 and 2021, and Josh dated Nessa Barret on and off during the same period. Fast forward to March 2021, Jaden and Nessa collaborated on Nessa’s first single La Di Die, and ended up splitting from their significant others to date each other.

At the time, Nessa and Jaden copped a lot of flack for complicating this messy love square, leaving us with the unforgettable “I just found out Jaden likes Nessa” interview Mads did on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Mads was heartbroken, Josh seemed to take the news a little better, meanwhile Jaden and Nessa seemed unapologetically in love, bonding over their growing passion for music.

Mads went on to date TikToker and musician Christian Plourde for about six months before ending things in January 2022. Josh, on the other hand, kept his dating life on the DL, focusing more on his business ventures and the BFFs Podcast.

Skipping forward to February 2022, Mads and Josh raised eyebrows after posting TikToks together from an ice hockey game. They continued to post flirty videos together for a couple of months before claiming they were not interested in each other on the BFFs podcast.

Recently, however, the two sparked dating rumours again after Josh admitted to hooking up with Mads on an episode of his podcast.

Despite their history, it seems like Mads is now happily spending time with Hayden!

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