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The Sway Boys vs. Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper Explained

The Sway Boys vs. Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper Explained

Updated November 14, 2020

The crossover we’ve been waiting for.

TikTok’s Sway boys are calling out Alex Cooper — the host of the wildly popular Call Her Daddy podcast — after the 26-year-old took jabs at their appearance earlier this week.

While appearing as a guest on the BFFs podcast with former Sway member Josh Richards and Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy, the NYC-based host was asked to comment on the appearance of Josh’s friends, including Griffin Johnson, Noah Beck, and Bryce Hall.

During the segment, Josh and Dave showed her photos and TikTok videos of different viral stars and despite a steep age difference, Alex didn’t hold back.

(Does she ever?)

“I give him credit for sliding in, Griffin, way to go,” she starts, revealing that Dixie D’Amelio’s ex slid into her DMs. “You know what? Great looking dude but I- too young.”

Of Dixie’s current boyfriend, Noah Beck, Alex says she thinks he’s “over-doing the lifting.” “If a guy has much [muscle] on his body, I’m like, you don’t really make money, you don’t have a job,” she jokes.

She goes on to say that Blake Gray’s blonde “is not fucking working for him” and calls Jaden Hossler “not bad” before digging into Bryce Hall.

“Okay no, no,” she says as Bryce appears on-screen. “And I feel bad I’m not being an asshole I’m just saying like, no.” Josh, who’s good friends with Bryce, seems surprised and calls this an “ego check” for the notoriously problematic influencer.

Alex finishes by saying Bryce reminds her of a cartoon sloth, “It’s almost like he resembles like, Sid the did from Ice Age.”

Now, multiple Sway boys have responded to Alex’s less-than-flattering commentary.

Bryce Hall started by quote tweeting the clip from Barstool Sports— the network that produces both Call Her Daddy and the BFFs podcast— saying he thinks there is a double standard at play.

“Imagine if roles were switched and we roasted her appearance lol,” Bryce wrote, to which Josh responded, “Take it easy Sid.” Bryce clapped back calling Josh a “mini-me” of himself.

Bryce went on to tweet a side-by-side comparison of the promo shot from TV show Two Broke Girls with an old photo of Alex and former CHD co-host Sofia Franklyn, writing, “this u? @alexcooper.”

The tweet is presumably a jab at the financial battle Alex and Sofia were engaged in earlier this year with Barstool which ultimately split the co-hosts up.

Blake Gray also replied to Barstool tweeting, “lol who is that” about Alex Cooper.

But Alex wasn’t about to let the Sway boys drag her name across the internet. She quote tweeted Blake’s comment, revealing that the 19-year-old has possibly also been sliding into her DMs, despite having a girlfriend.

“Ask ur girlfriend lmao ur whole relationship in my DMs,” she wrote.

Alex’s listeners affectionately called the ‘Daddy Gang,’ came to her defense as well, posting screenshots from times Blake had liked Alex’s IG photo earlier this year.

Blake then accused Alex of “trying to feel young again by sexualising me and tweeting about my 19-year-old relationship.”

Griffin Johnson, on the other hand, seems to have taken Alex’s commentary in stride. The 21-year-old first quote tweeted Alex’s reply to Blake writing, “no worries I don’t have a girlfriend.”

This tweet is likely in response to the drama surrounding Griffin and ex-girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio’s messy split.

He then jokes that the Daddy Gang should “feel free” to roast him.

But it didn’t end there

Now, Alex Cooper seems to be feuding with Dixie D’Amelio after another clip from the BFFs podcast episode when viral in which Alex claims Dixie and boyfriend Noah Beck are “faking” their relationship “for the internet.”

Dixie responded in a TikTok duet with the clip, panning across her bed to Noah (in undereye patches— v chic) as they roll their eyes.


#duet with @stoolpresidente lmao she caught us ???????? #acting #besties #noahneck

♬ original sound – Dave Portnoy

This is not the first time Alex has made headline news this year. Back in May, the podcast host was involved in a very public feud with former best friend and co-host Sofia Franklyn when the two could not agree on contract negotiations with Barstool Sports.

The feud ultimately broke up the talented duo, with Alex coming to an agreement with Barstool on her own.

Despite the drama, Call Her Daddy remains one of the top podcasts worldwide, raking in millions of listens an episode.

So yeah, we think it’s safe to say the Sway boys do know who Alex Cooper is.

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