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Are Mads Lewis and Josh Richards Dating?

Are Mads Lewis and Josh Richards Dating?

Are Mads Lewis and Josh Richards Dating?

Updated: March 24th, 2022

Well, we really never saw this coming…

Mads Lewis and Josh Richards have been posting more than friendly TikToks together, and they’re either majorly playing us, or they really just took things from messy to messier. 

ICYMI, Mads dated TikTok star Jaden Hossler for over a year throughout 2020 and 2021, and Josh dated fellow TikToker-turned-artist Nessa Barret on and off during the same period. Fast forward to March 2021, Jaden and Nessa collaborated on Nessa’s first single La Di Die, and ended up splitting from their significant others to date each other! 

At the time, Nessa and Jaden copped a lot of flack for complicating this messy love square, leaving us with the unforgettable “I just found out Jaden likes Nessa” interview Mads did on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Mads was clearly heartbroken, Josh seemed to take the news a little better, meanwhile Jaden and Nessa seemed unapologetically in love, bonding over their growing passion for music.

At the time, fans were shocked that Nessa and Jaden could betray their S/Os and their friends that way, however, over time more people grew to respect and support them as a couple. 

Meanwhile, Mads publicly dated TikToker and musician Christian Plourde for about six months before ending things in January this year. Josh, on the other hand, kept his dating life on the DL, focusing more on his business ventures and the BFFs Podcast.

Skipping forward to February this year, Mads and Josh raised eyebrows after posting this TikTok together from an ice hockey game.

TikTok users immediately flooded the comment section with comments like “they know what they’re doing”, and “oh how the tables have turned”.

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The two further fuelled dating rumours after posting multiple TikToks together today, looking pretty close in one of the videos.

Mads joined the BFFs podcast with Josh this week to clear the air, but both of them kept tight lipped about the status of their relationship.

Both Josh and Mads confessed to “stirring the pot” when it came to their relationship, but maintained that they were just friends at the moment.

When asked by podcast co-host Dave Portnoy about whether have ever considered getting together, both hesitated before giving an unconvincing “no”.

“A lot of it went through my mind,” Mads admitted, “[but] I don’t wanna stoop to that level,” she said.

But when asked for a one-word association for Josh, Mads simply said “hot”.

While it’s still too early to tell whether these two are trolling everyone on the app, or actually a budding romance, it’s clear that the people of TikTok are here for them as a couple.

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