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Jaden Hossler Stops Performance In Response To Man Grabbing A Woman Inappropriately At His Concert

Jaden Hossler Stops Performance In Response To Man Grabbing A Woman Inappropriately At His Concert

Jaden Hossler will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour at his shows.

The TikTok star-turned-musician— known professionally as Jxdn— stopped his concert this week to call out a man who had allegedly grabbed a woman’s arm and yanked her backward for getting too excited in the crowd.

The concert was part of Jaden’s I Hope This Never Ends Tour, which recently wrapped on April 19th.

According to several recordings posted to TikTok and Twitter from fans in attendance, Jaden stopped his show mid-performance when he noticed a woman looked shocked by a man getting physical with her.

Jaden called out to the man before speaking into the microphone to amplify his message when the man didn’t respond.

“You! Do you understand?” Jaden can be heard saying as he pointed to the man. “Don’t fucking touch her like that ever, alright. I don’t care what’s going on,” he said into the microphone as the crowd cheered.

The artist then jumped into the crowd to get closer to the man.

“You were grabbing her fucking arm,” Jaden said in the man’s face. “Cut it out! Shut the fuck up […] I’m sorry I don’t fuck with that.”

Before returning to the stage, Jaden tried to make amends. “Don’t look at me like I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m not trying to embarrass you but I saw you grab her arm. Don’t do that,” he said and then shook the man’s hand.

It seems the man was ultimately kicked out of the concert after this.

This is not the first time that Jaden has stopped a show to call out someone in the crowd.

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While on tour with Machine Gun Kelly years ago, the artist stopped his set to tell a man to stop touching a woman inappropriately.

“Don’t touch a woman like that. That’s disrespectful as fuck,” he said during a November 2021 show. “If you’re a guy right there and you look at that shit, beat that motherfucker’s ass. Don’t touch a woman like that!”

Fans have praised Jaden for his response to men’s mistreatment of women at his shows, saying he sets a great example for young men and other artists alike— who often ignore crowd altercations during live performances.

TikTok / @luiza_h7

Others are calling Jaden’s reaction the “bare minimum” that men should be doing for women.

TikTok / @luiza_h7

Jaden has not addressed the altercation at the time of writing.

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