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Mads Lewis & Christian Plourde Confirm Relationship: Everything We Know About The New TikTok Power Couple

Mads Lewis & Christian Plourde Confirm Relationship: Everything We Know About The New TikTok Power Couple

Mads Lewis apparently has a new man!

The TikTok star, who had a messy split from boyfriend Jaden Hossler earlier this year, seems to be getting cozy with a new beau— influencer and musician, Christian Plourde.

Dating rumours first sparked when Mads posted a TikTok of the two dancing together in May. Fans were quick to ship the couple, commenting things like “upgrade”, and “as you should”.

Some observant fans even spotted a suspicious-looking mark on her neck, with many assuming it was a hickey from Christian.

Since then, the two have not been shy with their relationship, frequently featuring in each other’s TikToks and even going Instagram official on June 17th.

While it may seem the two are moving quickly, Mads revealed that she had been hanging out with Christian “every single day for the past two months” when she appeared on the Tom Ward Show on June 11th. She went on to say that “his family is so sweet”, and Christian also posted a TikTok about Mads on June 30th, saying she “treats [his] family like her own”. 

Despite the PDA, Mads and Christian were initially hesitant to put a label on their relationship. 

When asked about a rumoured new boyfriend in early May, Mads shut down the idea, saying, “I do not have a new boyfriend. I feel like moving on that quick is really disgusting”.

She and Jaden split back in March in what was called “TikTok’s messiest breakup”, after Jaden linked up with Nessa Barrett, who was with Josh Richards at the time.

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In her recent interview on the Tom Ward Show, Mads called Christian her “best friend” and a “really great guy”, but also said, “this isn’t me putting him in the friend zone at all”.

On July 12th, however, it seems Mads confirmed their relationship, calling Christian her “boyfriend” in an Instagram story.

Who is Christian Plourde?

So who is Mads’ new rumoured love interest? Christian is a 20-year old TikTok creator and musician who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. He has over 2.2 million followers on TikTok, and appears to be friends with other creators such as Anna Schumate, Zack Lugo, and Eva Cudmore.

Christian has recently pivoted his career to focus primarily on his music, changing his social media handles to his artist name, @sevryn, in preparation for single debut on July 14th.

Whenever these two lovebirds are ready to make their relationship official, it’s safe to say that their fans are here for it, already shipping the two together as #cads.

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