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LipstickNick Reveals 2020’s Biggest Makeup Trends

LipstickNick Reveals 2020’s Biggest Makeup Trends

2019 was a year for beauty.

From the introduction and rise of the Euphoria Effect to ‘camp’ taking centre stage in the fashion and beauty worlds. And while we may struggle to move away from our stock standard smokey eye, the time of the neon eyeliner is here, or so says Nicole Faulkner, AKA LipstickNick and MORPHE Director of Global Artistry. We chatted to the makeup artist and beauty guru (who has also amassed a loyal following of over 800,000 on Instagram) to hear about what she predicts will be big in beauty for 2020, whether colour is here to stay and what we’re leaving in 2019.

“2020 is going to be a colourful year! [We’re looking at] pops of bright colours on the eyes, lips and cheeks,” says Nick. 

When it comes to base, overly sculpted skin is out, says Lipstick Nick. Coming into 2020 we can expect full coverage to stay but with “more of a hydrated, glowy finish to the skin.” 

Similar to skin, we can wave goodbye to over sculpted brows and lips. One thing Nick is sure we will be leaving in 2019 is the matte lip. “We’re looking for “feathered brows, [with] lighter colour tones…[as well as] a softer lip shape, glossy lip finish and berry tones.” 

And while we know incorporating colour into your makeup look isn’t always easy, Nick suggests trying more simplified washes of colour and unique eyeliner placements as a good way to ease into it. She also predicts neon liner, glossy lids and all things 90’s throwback are not going anywhere. 

In discussing what we can expect from MORPHE this year, off the back of insanely successful collaborations with the likes of Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, James Charles and Manny MUA, Nick says “you know I can’t spill that tea! There are definitely some fun, unexpected collabs this year though!” 

If last year was anything to go by, 2020 is going to be a doozy, and we can’t wait. 

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