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Manny MUA Spills The Tea, Addresses Rumours About Himself

Manny MUA Spills The Tea, Addresses Rumours About Himself

Manny MUA’s had a hard couple years, but he’s ready to step into 2020 with a clean slate — even if that means exposing some of his biggest secrets.

In a video posted today to his channel titled “Finally Addressing The Rumours About Me,” Manny finally sits down for an honest conversation with his audience.

Since his cancellation during 2017’s Dramagedon, Manny’s career has struggled to recover. His sub count is consistently declining, his views are low and he often faces criticism for being thirsty and fake.

Well, not anymore.

In the 30-minute long video, Manny spills the tea. And no, not lukewarm tea. Like actual hot tea.

Whether you plan to sit through the spill sesh or prefer the CliffsNotes, here are the key takeaways.

1/ He hasn’t hooked up with any influencers

Despite speculation that Manny and James Charles have a romantic history, Manny swears he’s never hooked up with James or any other influencer for that matter.

2/ He’s friends with Tati again

Manny’s friendship with Tati drifted when he fell out with Jeffree Star, who was besties with Tati at the time. Now, Tati and Jeffree are no longer speaking and apparently Manny and Tati are on good terms again. He said she sent him her palette when it launched with a heartfelt note attached and the gesture put their friendship back on track.

3/ He’s also friends with Gabriel Zamora

Despite the complete shitstorm that ensued after Gabriel Zamora posted a pic to Twitter with Laura Lee, Manny, himself and Nikita Dragun flipping Jeffree Star off (you know, the one that started Dramagedon), Manny says he’s forgiven Gabriel and they are friends again.

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4/ His butt isn’t real

Unlike so many celebs and influencers who deny getting work done, especially to their bodies, Manny admitted he had a Brazilian butt lift procedure in 2014.

5/ He doesn’t smell like sriracha sauce

Finally what we’ve all been dying to know— does Manny’s butt really smell like sriracha sauce???? In the wake of Dramagedon, a drama channel called Messy Mark uploaded a Gindr storytime video claiming he’d hooked up with Manny and his butt smelled like sriracha sauce. Lol. The video was highly criticised for being (probably) completely fabricated for views, but it’s good to know Manny’s keeping it real anyways.

And now you know.

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