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Jeffree Star Confirms Breakup From Longtime Boyfriend Nate

Jeffree Star Confirms Breakup From Longtime Boyfriend Nate

This morning Jeffree Star confirmed that he and Nathan Schwandt have broken up after five years together.

The announcement comes off the back of weeks of speculation after Jeffree canceled his makeup masterclass tour citing “personal reasons” and then subsequently removed Nate from his social bios.

In his latest video titled “We Broke Up.” the beauty mogul sits down to explain his social media absence, their reasons for the breakup, and how he’ll be moving forward.

Get your tissues ready because tbh it’s so heartbreaking.

Jeffree starts off the 17-minute long video by confirming that the rumours are true. “We are a few weeks of me and Nathan no longer being together,” he says. “The love of my life…I no longer wake up to him anymore.”

The couple have been through a lot over the past couple of years, including the death of Nathan’s grandfather and the loss of their two dogs, Diamond and Daddy. According to Jeffree, neither of them have had time to process everything that’s happened because of their incredibly fast-paced lifestyle, and it’s greatly affected both of their mental health.

“There’s no crazy gossip. There’s no tea,” insists Jeffree. He says that Nate never wanted to be famous or in the spotlight, and Jeffree could tell that he had been struggling with that for a while. “He loved and believed everything I was doing and was a part of it because I asked him to. My life is so public and it just got to a breaking point.”

Jeffree also confirms that his mother is doing fine, despite reports that his social media absence was due to her alleged passing.

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“Are we in love with each other? No. But we love each other.” Jeffree defends that he and Nate are still friends, saying that he’ll be visiting Nate’s family interstate in a few weeks and that Nate came over to his house yesterday to see the dogs.

Moving forward, both he and Nate will be focusing on their own families and working on their own mental well-being.

“I am ready for this new chapter,” he finishes. “I want to make you proud this year and there’s so many amazing things in the works.”

BRB, crying forever.

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