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Jaclyn Hill Responds To Claims That Volume 2 Palette Is Expired

Jaclyn Hill Responds To Claims That Volume 2 Palette Is Expired

Jaclyn Hill just can’t catch a break.

After her latest Morphe collab leaked earlier this week, the beauty guru has found herself mixed up in launch drama yet again. But this time, people are claiming her brand new Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume 2 might be nearly expired.


Off the back of Jaclyn’s reveal video for the new palette, a Reddit user posted a screenshot they found of a document showing that Morphe imported 9331.0 kilos of product from China labeled “JH2 Eyeshadow Palette.”

The import date is listed as November 21st, 2018.


Though Jaclyn stayed quiet on the matter, understandably, fans were upset. Many took to social media claiming they wanted to purchase the palette but are now concerned they’d be getting old product.

Though the shelf-life of an unopened eyeshadow palette is longer than one that’s been used, it is still recommended that unopened colour cosmetics be thrown out after 2 years.

So if this is the case, then Jaclyn’s palette is about half a year shy of potentially being expired.

Now, Jaclyn’s setting the record straight.

The YouTuber tweeted this morning saying “there are already lies being spread about my palette.” When a user tweeted back the screenshot of the import records circulating online, Jaclyn defended herself, saying the document was from a shipment of her original Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette for restock.

She followed up her statement with a photo showing that “JH2” is written on the packaging for her original palette. She claims this is written on the back of every box.

This is not the first time Jaclyn has been accused of selling old product. After major inconsistency issues with her second Morphe collab, The Vault Collection, Jaclyn claimed that Morphe disposed of the shoddy eyeshadow pans and replaced the shadows with a better formula. However, it didn’t take long for people to realise the timeline didn’t add up. Many fans re-purchased The Vault Collection to film comparisons, and unfortunately, most claimed the new palettes did not perform any better than the original.

The second time Jaclyn was accused of selling shelved makeup was after her notorious lipstick launch when consumers found hair, bubbles, pieces of plastic and metal, and potential mold in their lipsticks.

Despite some choosing not to believe Jaclyn, fans who kept their packaging from the original JH palette are coming to her defense, sharing photos to prove that their box does, in fact, have “JH2” written on the back.

The Jaclyn Hill Palette Volume 2 is available February 13th, 2020.

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