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Nick Snider, Dustin Dailey & Jen Gerard Friendship Drama: A Full Breakdown

Nick Snider, Dustin Dailey & Jen Gerard Friendship Drama: A Full Breakdown

Commentary YouTube creators Nick Snider and Dustin Dailey have had a public falling out with their former friend and housemate, Jen Gerard, the CEO of Gerard Cosmetics.

On September 19th, Nick, also known as the Viewer’s Voice, posted on social media claiming that he and his fiancé Dustin were in a “dangerous situation” and packing to leave the state of Texas, where they’d been living with Jen.

Though Nick did not specify why they were in danger, he said a “friendship is ending” but that he refuses to have their “safety at risk for someone’s relationship.” This led followers to assume he was referring to a relationship of Jen’s.

Nick followed this up with another tweet, saying a friend’s boyfriend threatened him and Dustin.

“It sucks to see someone you care about get manipulated to the point their boyfriend sends you a threatening message about karma,” he wrote.

When users began questioning the legitimacy of Nick’s claims, he shared several screenshots of alleged text messages between Nick, Dustin, and Jen about Jen’s partner.

In one set of messages, Nick appears to tell Jen that after looking into her new boyfriend, Nick and Dustin found some discrepancies between what he told Jen and what they found— mainly, that he has told her “lies” about his work life. In response to this, Jen tells Nick and Dustin to “be out by the first,” indicating she asked them to move out.

Nick posted several more messages between the housemates and claimed that “8 close friends” of Jen’s are concerned about her boyfriend. The messages also imply that Jen’s boyfriend has a court hearing in March 2024 for an unnamed incident.

Nick went on to share alleged messages from Jen’s partner himself, in which he claims his ex-wife was abusive.

As Nick and Dustin packed up to leave, Nick said that they turned the security cameras off at the house because Jen “allows her man to watch us around the house we are still on the lease for.”

Nick then called her boyfriend “abusive.”

Nick went on to share a screenshot of the man’s X account with his photo and name— Charles— claiming he made a new account and is liking every “negative tweet” about Nick and Dustin.

“This man claimed the other day he was running from his ex wife & was so scared he was seeking restraining orders on us. He’s now tweeting right as we left the house. For those questioning…ask yourself…is this the behavior of a man that thinks he’s in danger himself?” Nick wrote.

As Nick and Dustin have continued to post about this situation, Jen has defended her partner both on Reddit and on X (formerly Twitter).

In several posts, Jen said she believes this originally stemmed from genuine concern but is now more about Nick and Dustin wanting to be correct and “control” who she spends time with.

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She also suggested that Nick and Dustin have not been paying their share of the rent and bills “for months.”

Jen has gone on to claim that her boyfriend’s daughter has been “terrorized by the possibility of being found by her stepmother” due to the exposure the family has received from this online drama.

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After days of back-and-forth, Nick clarified some of the “red flags” he and Dustin saw in Jen’s boyfriend that led to this falling out.

“Jen out her own mouth told numerous people this man was the CEO of Deutsche Bank & AMD Avalon Processors….yet there’s no documentation online linking him to any of those companies,” Nick wrote on X.

He also said that Jen’s boyfriend allegedly “had to wear an ankle monitor for 6 months” over a “DV [domestic violence] charge where a court date is still pending for 2024.”

“People have been calling this man out for lying & scamming since 1997,” Nick wrote.

Dustin took to X on September 24th to announce that he had asked that his Gerard Cosmetics affiliate code be terminated, as he “cannot continue to support a person or brand that has done the things that have transpired over the past week.”

“I hope you all understand how sad this is for me and that I never thought this would be the outcome from a friendship that I held so closely to my heart but somehow here we are,” he wrote.

At the time of writing, it seems Nick and Dustin have safely left the home they shared with Jen.

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