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Pinterest Weighs In On Gen Z Trends for 2022

Pinterest Weighs In On Gen Z Trends for 2022

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In what Pinterest describes as a “window to the future”, the image-sharing social platform has released their annual trend forecast: Pinterest Predicts 2022. As a highly creative and digitally native generation, it is no surprise Gen Z has taken the wheel in setting and shaping global trends across beauty, fashion, travel and beyond. Let’s take a look at Pinterest’s top predictions for Gen Z trends in the new year.

Full body bling

Gen Z is vibing all that glitters, and they’re not afraid to switch up what and where they’re bedazzling. With increased searches for terms like “dermal piercing unique”, “pedicure with rhinestones”, and “crystal eye-makeup”, Gen Z is taking a more is more approach to accessorising, and we can expect them to continue sparkling into 2022. 

Rebel cuts

Have you noticed an increase in mullet sightings in the past year? According to Pinterest, don’t expect these to go away any time soon. Whether you’re a fan of the mullet or not, Gen Z Pinterest users have been seeking inspo for wacky and wonderful hairstyles, from “octopus haircut” (just look it up), to “shaved head dye designs”.

Natural hair love

Since launching a search tool to find hairstyles by hair type, Gen Z Pinterest users have been looking for ways to style their natural hair. Search terms like “space buns natural hair” and “short natural hairstyles” have seen a significant increase, and this is expected to continue with the movement towards self-love and acceptance of your natural hair texture.

Ancient Greek aesthetic

You’ve heard of the 90s revival, but #takemeback to the 10th century BC, am I right? Gen Z has been showing some serious love for the Ancient Greek aesthetic. Think columns, statues and Greek gods, and maybe a little Hanging Gardens of Babylon moment. According to Pinterest, we can expect this to become one of the most popular room aesthetics for Gen Z in 2022.

Energy and frequencies

Over the past few years, Gen Z has shown an openness and curiosity towards their spiritual side. With search terms like “how to raise your vibration” and “frequency healing” gaining traffic, it seems Gen Z will continue to show interest in alternative wellbeing.

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Midnight memories

Exploring cities at night seems to be the go with Gen Z travellers (as soon as COVID restrictions permit!) The Han River in Seoul and old London town seem to be the spots to hit for a romanticised late-night stroll, and going to the beach at night will also be the vibe.

Which of these trends are you here for?

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