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“Fairy Hair”: The Gen Z Beauty Trend Bringing Tinsel Hair Extensions Back

“Fairy Hair”: The Gen Z Beauty Trend Bringing Tinsel Hair Extensions Back

The latest Gen Z hair trend has emerged from TikTok, and it’s a far cry from the “clean girl” aesthetic we’ve come to expect from the app’s beauty lovers.

Enter: fairy hair— the appearance of colourful, glittery highlights created by tinsel hair extensions that TikTok users are weaving through their tresses.

Amassing over 23 million views on the app in recent months, fairy hair can be achieved by a hairstylist or at home. If you’re DIY-ing the look, try tying the tinsel strands to the root of your hair via a slip-knot method, or securing at the base of neck with clips for a peak-a-boo look. The slip-knot method involves folding a strand of tinsel in half then tying it around an anchor piece of hair and pulling it tight at the root.

Hair tinsel, which comes in a variety of colours, can be gently washed, cut to match your hair length, and some can even be heat-styled to suit different hair textures.

The extensions typically last between 4-8 weeks, though rough brushing of the hair can cause them to fall out sooner.

Despite their recent appearance on TikTok, tinsel hair extensions were first popular in the early-to-mid 2010s, with celebrities like Beyoncé and Adrienne Maloof making public appearances donning this glam look. Kacey Musgraves also rocked tinsel in her ponytail during a 2019 performance in New Orleans.

The origins are unclear, however some suggest tinsel hair exentions were initially used as an inexpensive and creative way for hairstylists to add shine and dimension to a client’s hair. Some salons are even offering fairy hair makeovers again.

While application can be rigorous and time-consuming, the end result will leave you feeling sparkly and bright just in time for the festive season.

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