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Bryce Hall Begs Hype House’s Thomas Petrou To Fight Him For Clout In Exposed Text Messages

Bryce Hall Begs Hype House’s Thomas Petrou To Fight Him For Clout In Exposed Text Messages

Thomas Petrou is clapping back at Bryce Hall. Just not with his fists.

Today, Sway’s Bryce Hall started drama between the two biggest TikTok collectives yet again, calling out Hype House’s Thomas Petrou for trying to start fake beef with him for views.

The controversial 21-year-old shared a screenshot of a text message he received from Thomas, which reads, “Hey, the internet is boring right now. Wanna talk through our issues on your podcast?”

Bryce responded calling Thomas “a meme” then proceeded to post the exchange to his Twitter. “This is the guy that claims I’m obsessed w/ him then texts me trying to start fake beef because the ‘internet is boring’,” he tweeted.

However, it seems Thomas wasn’t about to let Bryce twist the narrative. Shortly after Bryce’s tweet, the Hype House manager posted multiple screenshots of his own on Instagram stories from text messages in which it appears Bryce has been begging Thomas for months to fight him for clout on camera.

“You’re such a pussy. Just box me in front of millions. Donate to charity. Make the change you preach you’re about,” Bryce writes on August 19th.

Thomas replies, “If it’s not all for clout, then why won’t you do anything off camera?”

Bryce then allegedly threatens Thomas, saying, “I would fuck your shit up on the street.”


Bryce doesn’t let it go, calling Thomas an “idiot” and that he’s “struggling to stay relevant.”


Bryce threatens Thomas yet again, writing, “I would slam you on your literal neck.” He claims he doesn’t want to fight Thomas off-camera because he doesn’t want police to get involved.


Thomas challenges Bryce to “come over” and fight him off-camera. Bryce calls Thomas a “waste of space,” “pathetic human being,” “pussy made,” and “scum.”


“Fight me in a place we won’t get in trouble,” Bryce persists before continuing to threaten Thomas. “Your face will be fucked… you will need to go to the hospital… you will have a sprained neck…”


Thomas ends by posting the full conversation from Bryce’s original tweet. After Bryce laughs and calls Thomas “a meme,” Thomas explains his intention, saying their issues are “childish and could be talked through in one sit down.”

“It’s a mature way to show our audience how to resolve problems like adults but if not all good,” Thomas continues. “I’m talking about moving on from those stupid issues and setting a good example for our fans and being able to put all that in the past but if you’re not interested then all good man. Good luck with everything.”


Bryce finished by saying he’s not interested in resolving his issues with Thomas and that everything Thomas said is “unmanly” and “bitch made.”

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Bryce and Thomas have been quite vocal about their disdain for one another.

The two first fell out (publicly, at least) back in May when Bryce jumped on live to answer fan questions. In the video, Bryce explains that Charli and Dixie have left, and that ex-girlfriendAddison Rae, “doesn’t really associate with The Hype House.” He finishes by saying he doesn’t know what The Hype House is “doing exactly.”

Thomas responded to Bryce’s comments after major outlets like Seventeen and MTV reported on the news that Addison might be leaving the Hype House as well. Thomas wrote a comment on Instagram saying, “He doesn’t know anything about our business. IDK why we’re always in his mouth.”

Bryce then took to Twitter to clap back, saying Thomas should worry about his business that’s “falling apart” and find a way to “suck the clout” out of the only “relevant” people left who associate with The Hype House. He was presumably referring to Addison, who’s stardom has quickly transcended TikTok and become much more mainstream.

Thomas responded by sharing side-by-side screenshots of his YouTube channel vs Bryce’s channel. Comparing the two, Thomas said he creates “quality content” whereas Bryce is “creating drama when it’s unnecessary” by using big creators’ names as clickbait in his titles.

Looks like these two won’t be squashing their drama any time soon.

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