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Is ITEM Beauty Discontinuing The Viral Lip Quip Oil?

Is ITEM Beauty Discontinuing The Viral Lip Quip Oil?

TikTok beauty lovers are convinced that ITEM Beauty has discontinued their favourite lip oil.

Co-founded by Addison Rae in 2020, ITEM hasn’t made waves like other celebrity and influencer brands such as Fenty Beauty, Rare Beauty, or Summer Fridays, however, it did find viral success with its lip oil.

Despite its polarising fruity scent, Lip Quip became a favourite among Gen Z beauty lovers, who have branded it an “elevated lip gloss” for its pigmented formula, non-sticky feel, and hydrating ingredients that nourish lips including jojoba oil, almond oil, camellia, and shea butter.

After racking up thousands of positive reviews on TikTok, fans have struggled to get their hands on Lip Quip over the past couple of months, leaving many to speculate that the product is being discontinued.

Now, it seems their fears have been confirmed, as news broke last week that Sephora is dropping ITEM Beauty from its shelves and it appears that Lip Quip has been removed from ITEM’s website.

While it was initially suggested that ITEM would continue to sell direct-to-consumer, Addison reportedly issued a statement on her Instagram story that indicates the brand is going on an indefinite hiatus.

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“As some of you know, ITEM Beauty will be ending its exclusivity with Sephora and taking a hiatus while I reimagine my journey in beauty to make sure it reflects who I am today,” she wrote, according to Dexerto.

The TikTok star has also removed any mention of the brand from her Instagram bio, though ITEM still has her tagged on its page.

Addison nor ITEM Beauty have announced a plan for the brand at the time of writing, however, the entire website has been 40% off for some time now.

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