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Bryce Hall And Thomas Petrou Feud Over Addison Rae Leaving The Hype House

Bryce Hall And Thomas Petrou Feud Over Addison Rae Leaving The Hype House

Looks like The Hype House might be falling apart…again.

One week after Charli and Dixie D’Amelio confirmed they are no longer part of The Hype House, founder and house manager Thomas Petrou has found himself in some drama over the fate of TikTok’s most famous collective.

The drama started when Sway House’s Bryce Hall jumped on live to answer fan questions. ICYMI, Sway House is a competing content house made up of TikTok creators, many of whom have complicated relationships with the Hype House kids. You can read more about Sway House here.

In the video, Bryce explains that Charli and Dixie have left, and that ex-girlfriend, Addison Rae, “doesn’t really associate with The Hype House.” He finishes by saying he doesn’t know what The Hype House is “doing exactly.”

Bryce’s comments started an uproar on Twitter, with fans tweeting that Addison should also leave The Hype House.

Though Addison does not live at The Hype House, the 19-year-old has never publicly disassociated herself from the group like Charli and Dixie recently have.

Now, Hype House manager Thomas Petrou has responded to Bryce’s comments.

After major outlets like Seventeen and MTV reported on the news that Addison might be leaving the group, Thomas wrote a comment on Instagram saying, “He doesn’t know anything about our business. IDK why we’re always in his mouth.”

Bryce then took to Twitter to clap back, saying Thomas should worry about his business that’s “falling apart” and find a way to “suck the clout” out of the only “relevant” people left who associate with The Hype House.

We assume he’s referring to Addison, who’s stardom has quickly transcended TikTok and become much more mainstream.

Thomas responded by sharing side-by-side screenshots of his YouTube channel vs Bryce’s channel. Comparing the two, Thomas says he creates “quality content” whereas Bryce is “creating drama when it’s unnecessary.”

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Thomas circles a few of Bryce’s videos with names like “RiceGum” in the title, insinuating Bryce uses famous names for clickbait.

Finally, Bryce commented under TikTok Room‘s post, accusing Thomas and The Hype House squad of “copying David Dobrik”— an allegation that’s circulated the internet for months.

Many feel the group does not put out original content, particularly The Hype House’s main vlogger, Alex Warren.

Instagram/ TikTok Room

Thomas has not yet responded at time of publication.

And as for Addison? She’s off living her best quarantine life, completely unbothered that these boys are fighting over her in front of millions of people.

Slay, queen.

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