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Your Monday Morning Guide To: Under Eyes

Your Monday Morning Guide To: Under Eyes

Under Eyes

Even if you have had a restful weekend, which chances are you haven’t…Monday morning just hits different. And if waking up early to start another work (or uni) week, isn’t bad enough already, puffy eyes and dark circles definitely are the addition you never need (although, if you’d rather rock them or don’t have time for a morning routine, we love that too!). So, in preparation for your Monday morning and as someone who’s perpetual state of exhaustion is very obvious by the state of the bags under my eyes  – we’ve compiled the top tips to help you look well rested and bright eyed when you aren’t, because, well, who is? 

1/ Drink more water! 

One of the major reasons your under eye bags exist in the first place is dehydration. If you’re one of the many that are in fact, dehydrated, your body retains fluid to compensate. As it is often retained under your eyes, it is one of the major contributors to the puffiness you feel on a Monday morning (or any morning for that matter). Of course, there are other contributors, things like excess salt or too much alcohol, but a good place to start is by upping your H2O intake to eight glasses a day. Ensuring you are well-hydrated means your body is constantly flushing out toxins and not holding onto excess fluid. Other lifestyle changes like sleeping on your back and keeping your head elevated will also help!

2/  Use a hydrating eye cream at night 

Using an eye cream at night is a good way to make sure your under eye area stays hydrated, amongst other benefits depending what ingredients you prioritise. Things like collagen help to repair and plump the skin while you sleep, plus the physical application of the product will help stimulate circulation in the area. 

3/ Use a brightening eye cream in the morning

Looking for ingredients such as caffeine, vitamin c and colour correcting pigments in a morning eye cream, means the product is working to tighten and brighten those bags and puffiness. A cult favourite is Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Créme, which specifically uses a pale yellow ‘banana powder’ to neutralise purple, brown, green (all the colours of bags) tones. 

4/ Use a jade roller

Once you’ve applied your eye cream to help with colouring, using a tool like a small roller can truly help reduce puffiness. I know, I know, it sounds like a scam but keeping it in the fridge and rolling under your eyes in an upward and outward direction can help to constrict puffiness and reduce swelling. If you want to expand this to giving your whole face a nice little roll, you won’t be sorry. Plus, some you time to get the day started is never a bad thing. 

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5/ Use a colour correcting and brightening concealer

With a colour correcting eye cream to layer over the top of, a good concealer can do the rest and voila! Fresh as a daisy! Obviously it depends on the level of coverage you prefer but anything with ‘light reflecting’ is usually a safe bet for a brighter, less sleep-deprived look of a Monday morning. Also glitter, glitter under the eyes is a safe bet too, at the very least it will distract people.

Our favourites include: Pixi 24K Eye Elixir, Salt by Hendrix Jade Face Roller, BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector

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