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Why Internet Users Believe Alix Earle Dodged Tana Mongeau at a Party

Why Internet Users Believe Alix Earle Dodged Tana Mongeau at a Party

Updated: October 30th, 2023.

Internet users are convinced that Alix Earle snubbed Tana Mongeau at a party due to worries about how it might affect her own reputation and image. 

There is no denying that Tana’s career has been marked by conflicts and cancellations, ranging from TanaCon, her controversial reality show and several friendship feuds. And as a storytime YouTuber-turned-OnlyFans creator, it’s no surprise that Tana has never been the most brand-safe influencer. 

While this has impacted Tana from a business standpoint (the creator has frequently discussed how her NSFW brand jeopardises her sponsorships), she recently disclosed that her image has also affected her personal life.

Appearing on the Just Trish podcast, Tana mentioned an instance when an influencer refused to take a picture with her at a party.

“We were out at a party, and she was with all of her friends, and all of her friends and I were taking a photo together, and they were asking her to get in it,” Tana begins. “She was like, ‘Oh, that’s not good for my brand.'”

While the creator didn’t want to be publicly linked with Tana, she tells Trisha that the influencer would “call me when blackout drunk, like, ‘What’s the party? Where should I go?'”

Trisha then questions why the creator would be hesitant to be in the photo, noting that her image “is not that squeaky-clean.”

While the influencer remained nameless, Trisha’s comment led many to believe that Alix Earle was the creator in question. Instagram users have flooded the comment section of the Internet drama update account @TeaTokTalk, speculating whether it was Alix.

Some users have defended the influencer’s behaviour in the story, noting that “tana has had very controversial situations in the past and fans usually call out people that hang out with controversial people so i understand alix wanted to protect her brand. any smart person would.”

Screenshot via @TeaTokTalk on Instagram

Others are hesitant to believe that Alix would snub Tana, given that she has been associated with her in the past, with many noting the notorious Tarte trip. 

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“its not alix earle tho cos she was in tanas youtube video so how do u work that one out🫠😂” one user wrote. 

Screenshot via @TeaTokTalk on Instagram

Though Tana admits that the interaction took her by “surprise,” she says she “still likes that person” and continues watching their content. 

While neither Tana nor Alix have addressed the rumours at the time of publication, Trisha offered some clarity in a comment on Centennial World‘s TikTok.

“10000000% NOT Alix Earle. We talk later on about how much we love her !!!!!!!! 🥺🥺❤️” she writes.

Screenshot via TikTok

While internet users got it wrong this time around, Tana’s conversation with Trisha offers listeners valuable insight into the efforts influencers put into shaping their image and public identity. We are reminded that a creator’s success is not solely about the content they post but also about who they are associated with.

And in the age of cancel culture, it can all boil down to a simple selfie.

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