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Meet The High Tech Accessory Made For Your Y2K Aesthetic

Meet The High Tech Accessory Made For Your Y2K Aesthetic

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From Paris Hilton to Legally Blonde— the early 2000s felt like a simpler time. 

While we happily waved goodbye to low rise denim and UGG boots, the flip phone remains a nostalgic reminder of the best in tech (as we knew it) and the “It” girls we adored. 

But where the 2003 edition flip phone boasted grainy selfies and a healthy dose of bedazzling, the 2021 iteration of the iconic piece of tech is sleek, stylish and innovative.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: a smartphone with all the bells and whistles 2021 has to offer, paired with a playful design that brings back all the fun and personality of the early 2000s.


Arguably the most important part of any Y2K look is the accessories. Though over the years a phone has become less of an expression of personal style and more of a practical tool, the Galaxy Z Flip3 gives you the best of both worlds— packed with new features but also ways to personalise, customise and ensure your phone is back in its rightful place: front and centre as as your favourite accessory (maybe sans rhinestones). 

The first step is to choose your shade. Available in seven colours (including Cream, Green, Lavender, Phantom Black, plus Grey, Pink and White available exclusively from the Samsung eStore), the Galaxy Z Flip3 ~understands the assignment~ with a colour to suit every aesthetic, whether your personal style leans more Paris or Nicole. 

Then to keep your favourite new accessory in perfect condition without compromising on style, choose from a silicon or leather case in a range of colours (it’s the silicone in lavender for me), or let the phone colour do the talking with a transparent case. If a case isn’t quite your vibe, Samsung has got you covered. The Galaxy Z Flip3 boasts a durable, strong cover and rear glass to help protect against accidental scratches and drops (plus, this foldable is water resistant*). 

The icing on the cake when it comes to personalising and accessorising is the cover screen. When the phone is folded shut, the cover screen can be easily customised for access to your favourite apps (like Spotify or Health), but also with a photo or design to match your outfit, the occasion, or even your Samsung Galaxy Watch4 face— because whether you’re opting for a velour tracksuit or a phone and watch pairing, nothing pulls a Y2K look together like some serious colour coordination.


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Our favourite thing about the Galaxy Z Flip3 is its ability to stand out from the crowd (or, should we say, help you stand out from the crowd), but its helpful features and design come a close second. While the flip phones we knew and loved were fun to use, when it came to portability, they left much to be desired. A problem of the past, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is so easy to integrate into day to day life. It offers a full sized screen for watching YouTube tutorials, The D’Amelio Show or your FYP on TikTok that folds to almost half the size on the go. So, no matter how small the mini bag you just splurged on, the Galaxy Z Flip3 will fit. 

Additionally, the model’s unique Flex Mode feature means it can stand alone, so you can take photos and film TikTok videos without a tripod and watch content or video chat friends hands-free— meaning you can apply a fresh coat of lip gloss at the same time. Consider it the ultimate multi-tasking companion. 

Level up your selfies

If we’ve learned anything from Paris Hilton circa 2003 (and her rumoured assistant at the time, Kim Kardashian), it’s the importance of a selfie— but these days, a selfie looks a little different.

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Whether you’re utilising Flex Mode to capture a hands-free group photo, or taking a selfie with the Quickshot function (meaning you don’t even have to unfold), the Galaxy Z Flip3 will make sure you don’t miss anything worth sharing.

And it’s not just photos made easy. In 2021, where TikTok is king, the Galaxy Z Flip3 boasts an Auto Framing function that keeps the shot centered, while hands free recording. Once you’ve hit the record button, even if you move around or people move in and out of view, the wide angle lens keeps the shot centered— making sure your dance will be ready to post on the first attempt. 

So, while you might come for the ability to snap the phone shut dramatically to end a call, you’ll stay for the innovation, technology and ease the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 offers.

Making the flip phone cool in 2021? What? Like it’s hard? 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is available in Australia from 10th September, 2021. 

*The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has an IPX8 water resistance rating. This means it can be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes.

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