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This Portable Projector Is Essential For The Ultimate Night In

This Portable Projector Is Essential For The Ultimate Night In

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When it comes to date nights, parties or even cosy nights in, we have seen a cultural shift – partly thanks to TikTok and the post-pandemic focus on health – to create an aesthetic environment and experience. Gen Z are opting for more creative ways to entertain, socialise or wind down. Combine this shift with new developments in tech and an endless supply of content (thank you, Netflix) – say hello to your new piece of must-have tech: Samsung’s The Freestyle Projector.

Admittedly, not the first must-have item that comes to mind, projectors have long had a reputation for being clunky, hard to use, and leaving much to be desired when it comes to image quality. In contrast, The Freestyle Projector is sleek, portable, offers an unmatched content viewing experience and the ability to curate the perfect ~vibe~…meaning you’ll quickly become your friends’ favourite host and the first invitation to picnics, parties and gatherings.

Easy to use
The first and most immediately appealing feature of The Freestyle Projector is how incredibly easy it is to set up. Unboxing the product, connecting to Wi-Fi and logging into your favourite streaming services can be done in a matter of minutes. The Freestyle comes with an easy to set up and adjustable 180° cradle, ensuring it is stable on a range of surfaces and allows viewing at whatever angle best suits.

Whether you choose to set up by plugging into the wall or take it on the go using a power bank – you’ll be ready to watch your favourite content straight away by logging into apps including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video or Samsung TV+ with the apps already installed on The Freestyle*. Additionally, The Freestyle Projector is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby, making it even easier to control and adjust with the option of voice commands. It also allows for mobile mirroring so you can share and view content from your smartphone through Samsung’s SmartThings app for Android and is also compatible with iOS and AirPlay2 for Apple devices.


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In speaking to aesthetics (one of the crucial elements when creating content), The Freestyle Projector is as chic as they come. While compact, lightweight and easy to transport, the projector doesn’t compromise on style. Available in white, with the option to add a Blossom Pink, Forest Green or Coyote Beige skin, the projector is designed to fit your personal style or the vibe of the event or experience.

The experience however, is the real game changer. While we may be used to viewing content on our phones and laptops, The Freestyle Projector experience is incredible – projecting up to 100 inches in full HD resolution and offering 360° sound through a powerful built in speaker, The Freestyle Projector is designed for a cinema-like experience when watching movies and TV shows or high quality audio when using the tech to listen to music. Other clever features include smart calibration, which means the projector can automatically adjust to the colour background (wall or sheet), ensuring the image quality and colouring is top notch, even when it’s not projected onto a white background. Additionally, the image can be freely scaled and moved, so the user can tailor the screen size and angle to fit the environment.

Whether you’re looking for a cinema-experience on the go, or are more interested in the mood lighting, neon sign functionality and high sound quality for entertaining, The Freestyle Projector is an entertainment investment. Coming in at RRP $1,299 AUD, consider it the doorway to creative entertaining, entertainment and of course, content creation.

*Internet connection required. Data usage and subscription fees may apply. Apps are subject to availability and can be removed at any time without notice.

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