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Why This Piece of Tech Will Be More Than Just Your New Favourite Accessory

Why This Piece of Tech Will Be More Than Just Your New Favourite Accessory

As we emerge from the better part of two years in lockdown (a majority of which was spent on TikTok, let’s be honest), we have a renewed interest in expressing our personal style—  standing out from the crowd and doing so in a way that feels authentic. But being back out in the world comes with expectations— from prioritising our health (mental and physical), to staying connected with friends and family, to fitting in regular content creation…all while finding time to keep up with our FYP, it’s a tricky balance to strike, to say the least. That’s where Samsung can help. Enter the new Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Buds2, your newest tech companions that help you manage it all at once, while on the go, of course. Here’s why the newest smartwatch will be more than just your favourite fashion accessory…

It’s highly customisable

From the boom in monogramming (everything from pyjamas to handbags), to TikTok hacks for repurposing and altering clothes, personalisation is everything in 2021. And now, thanks to Samsung, you can customise your tech too. 

It would be easy to think of a smartwatch as fairly non-negotiable when it comes to design, but Samsung are flipping that concept on its head with the Galaxy Watch Bespoke Studio— an online studio experience allowing you to design a watch that perfectly reflects your personal style. To start, choose from the chic and minimal Galaxy Watch4 or the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, which features a classic rotating bezel. Next, choose from six case options for the Galaxy Watch4 and four case options for the Galaxy Watch4 Classic. The cases range from Pink Gold to Silver to a classic, sleek Black, which you then have the option to pair with one of over 25 band options, across categories including Hybrid Leather, to Milanese to a range of sports options (Pink Gold with a Milanese band is our personal pick).

When it comes to the tech itself, the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 classic offers even more opportunities to customise. The watch face background, as well as the clock design can be changed as often as you like to match your mood, your outfit or your activity. 


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It does [way] more than just track your steps

On top of being a wildly customisable piece of tech when it comes to aesthetics, the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic also has trackable health functionality like never before. And after nearly two years of on-again-off-again lockdowns, Zoom meetings, online classes, and virtual catch ups, the Galaxy Watch4 is helping everyone live more holistically. 

With mental health at the forefront after two years of uncertainty, the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic not only helps with physical fitness but works to track sleep— analysing sleep stages while you rest, measuring your blood oxygen level and sounds of snores to determine your Sleep Score, helping you understand more about your sleep patterns and as a result, encourage better quality sleep. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic have partnered with leading third-party apps, like Spotify and Calm, to help make mindfulness more accessible on the go— ensuring you can tune in to a Breathing or Meditation session, wherever you are (with the help of your Galaxy Buds2, of course). 

When it comes to physical fitness, the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic has all the basics covered and more. From Barry’s Bootcamp to a reformer pilates class, the watch boasts support for more than 90 exercises, plus a newly introduced range of features that allows users to track blood pressure and measure heart rate, through new TGA-approved ECG monitoring. Plus, the latest model now also boasts the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels and for the first time, calculate your body composition with a specially designed BioActive 3-in-1 Sensor. 

It will supercharge your connectivity 

Whether you’re a content creator or consumer (or likely both), the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic will ensure you stay connected on-the-go. With 40 hours of battery life, and a 30 minute charge boasting 10 hours on the go, you’ll never be out of touch. From listening to your favourite podcast (ahem, Renegade w/ Lauren & Jordyn) via the Spotify app and your Galaxy Buds2, to joining a live message board to compete in step challenges with friends and family, to answering calls with a single tap to your Galaxy Buds2 (and that’s without your phone on hand), the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic brings you all the benefits of being virtually and physically connected everywhere you go. 

Between the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Watch4, Watch4 Classic and Earbuds2, you’ve never been more connected (or stylish). You can thank us later. 

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