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Introducing ‘Astrolove’: How Bumble Taps into Gen Z’s Astrology Obsession

Introducing ‘Astrolove’: How Bumble Taps into Gen Z’s Astrology Obsession

Whether it be following horoscope-tok or downloading personalised astrological apps, Gen Z has embraced zodiac signs with open arms. 

Astrological terminology like “Big 3,” “Birth Chart,” and “Retrograde,” while once unfamiliar to many, have entered the Gen Z vernacular— shaping interactions on social media, group chats, and even spawning a dedicated community on TikTok.

As you scroll through your For You Page, chances are you’ll come across a video explaining specific astrological placements in minutes. But no matter what the video’s premise is, one thing remains clear: Gen Z uses their astrological sign as an identifier for just about anything, especially when it comes to relationships.  

With the launch of Bumble’s Astrolove campaign, Centennial World had the chance to chat with resident astrologist Emma Vidgen about how to maximise dating apps while considering the intersection between astrology and compatibility.


What the signs write in their Bumble bios 👀 How seen do you feel rn? 😂 #astrologytuesdays

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Growing up in a fast-paced and (often) chaotic world, many young people have turned to astrology for guidance, believing it accurately represents who they are meant to be. And as this demographic moves away from organised religion, “[astrology] serves as an alternative and tool for understanding the world around us, [particularly] in times of crisis,” writes Raisa Bruner for TIME

So, when facing the stresses of first dates and confusing talking stages, we can all find solace in feeling like a greater plan is at play. 

“Essentially, all we are doing is watching the patterns that the planets make in the sky and the luminaries [Sun and Moon] and then noticing how certain patterns correlate with life on Earth,” Emma begins. “One of the key tenets of astrology is that the moment you take your first breath holds some significance. It can tell us a lot about who you are, why you have come here, the things you love and the things that will drive you nuts.”

If we consider our birth chart a sort of “instruction manual” for life, it’s no surprise that astrology can tell us a lot about compatibility and chemistry. And Bumble wholeheartedly embraces this sentiment, making it the perfect place for Gen Z and their affinity for astrology. With the app allowing users to include their zodiac signs on their profiles, these badges are a valuable addition to the dating experience— while keeping things light and fun. 

“Astrology is a language we can use to understand people on a deeper level and build more meaningful connections,” Emma explains. “It helps us build self-awareness which can only lead to better relationships. Bumble’s Astrology badges empower its community to find connection and chemistry.”

But for those who remain skeptical about astrology, it’s important to understand that embracing it doesn’t mean you should rule out potential matches based on a star sign alone. Instead, it’s about utilising the insights from your birth chart and trusting your instincts to navigate the dating world. It’s about finding what truly works for you while connecting with people on a deeper level and keeping an open mind.

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When leveraging your birth chart for relationships, Emma emphasises the significance of the moon sign. “It tells you what you need, and it tells you how you like to show love and how you like people to show love to you,” she goes on to explain. 

Take an Aries moon as an example. Emma describes people with this placement as “fun,” “fiery,” and “spontaneous” while also acknowledging that they can be a tad impatient. This is where features like the 24-hour chat function on Bumble come in handy. With users having a day to initiate the conversation before the match expires, it’s ideal for those who can’t help but feel restless when waiting to start the chat.

And while many of us may struggle to emulate the spontaneity of the Aries moon, Bumble’s Question Game can help break the ice. This built-in function allows users to browse through a list of predetermined questions to send to their matches. However, the catch is that both people have to answer the question, and you can only see each other’s responses once both of you have replied.

“It gives you a chance to show off and be funny and cool. But also, it will be really clear if they are not very good at being conversational and fun to see whether or not you have that intellectual connection,” Emma says of the Question Game. 

While she goes on to highlight that certain astrological placements prioritise “chemistry,” for those of us who want someone who can intellectually match our energy, Bumble is a standout platform. In a dating landscape where first impressions and appearances often take precedence, Bumble embraces all types of compatibility— something that is particularly refreshing for Gen Z as they embark on their Astrolove journey. 

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