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Loren Gray To Launch Docuseries, ‘Honestly Loren’

Loren Gray To Launch Docuseries, ‘Honestly Loren’

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With a combined social media following of over 80 million, musical collaborations with the likes of Halsey, The Chainsmokers and Jason Derulo under her belt, a feature in Taylor Swift’s music video ‘The Man’, and over one million views for the music video for her latest solo release ‘Alone’, Loren Gray ticks a lot of boxes. And it looks like she’s about to add another box to her laundry list of projects…

The viral star will be joining the likes of Rickey Thompson and Denzel Dion, amongst other creators and celebrities at Snap Originals in creating her own original docuseries, Honestly Loren

The show will follow a reality format, traversing Loren’s growth as a viral star, since the age of thirteen. It will explore themes of love, friendship and career and the role they have played in her life. “In the most honest and entertaining way, [Honestly Loren shows Loren working to] figure out what happiness really means to her,” Snap Originals says of the show.

In addition, Loren will also be appearing as a host in an educational mini-series on the platform, Good Luck Voter!

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Honestly Loren is set to premier in 2021, exclusively on Snap Originals. Each episode will be roughly five minutes in length.

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