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Snapchat Is Giving Away $1 Million To Users Every Day Till End Of Year

Snapchat Is Giving Away $1 Million To Users Every Day Till End Of Year

Snapchat is here to save 2020.

Today, Snap Inc. announced Snapchat’s latest in-app feature, Spotlight, and they’re rolling it out with a bang.

A hub for user-generated content, Spotlight is a new way for Snapchatters to share their personal Snaps publicly and discover the most engaging content from creators across the platform both big and small. As users interact with Spotlight, their feed will become tailored to their interests and preferences and will be able to easily share Spotlight content with their friends.

Unlike similar discovery features on other social media apps, Spotlight will adhere to Snapchat’s core values— prioritising user wellbeing by moderating content, not allowing for public comments, and keeping profiles private by default.

This is a powerful position from the platform, as the impact of negative social media comments on the mental health of users has been widely documented in recent years.

Via Snap Inc.

To celebrate the launch of Spotlight, Snapchat is giving back to users in a massive way.

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With six weeks left in the year, the social platform will be giving away a whopping $1 million USD every single day for the remainder of 2020 to users with the most creative and engaging Spotlight submissions.

Snaps will be ranked based on engagement analytics and individual earnings will be determined based on unique views.

So if you’re ready to make a little extra coin before the end of this apocalyptic year, it’s time to flex your creativity and start Snapping.

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